Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un Summit cancelled

The historic summit that the world has  been waiting for has been cancelled, announced President Trump. The meeting between Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un was originally scheduled for June 12,... Read more »

Texas gunman identified as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis

Police have identified the suspect of the Texas shooting as 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis. At least ten people have been killed as the gunman unleashed a stream of bullets at the Santa Fe High School... Read more »

Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong Un June 12 in Singapore

President Donald Trump has made the announcement that he will meet with North Korean leader Kim John Un on June 12 in Singapore. The historic meeting has been anticipated by the world.... Read more »

Why Everything You Know About 60 Russian Women Wait Trial in Iraq over ISIS Membership Is A Lie

60 Russian Women Wait for Trial in Iraq over ISIS Membership At least 60 Russian women are awaiting trial in Iraq over an illegal entry, membership in the ISIS Takfiri terrorist team... Read more »

University of Utah now has Cry Closet that students can use as safe space to cry

A student project that’s different. The University of Utah has a closet where students can enter and cry, one at a time. “Just let it all out,” university spokeswoman Jana Cunningham told... Read more »

Toddler Alfie Evans dies after parents lose legal battle

Alfie Evans has died Saturday morning confirmed his parents on Facebook. The baby was taken off life support ten hours before he died, he suffered from a terminal illness. The parents said... Read more »

Trump on James Comey “he is either very sick or very dumb”

President Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to remind former FBI director that he broke the law. Trump said James Comey broke the law by leaking classified information and doesn’t realize... Read more »

Priorities are starkly different between Trump and Trudeau

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in London, England talking about gender equality and resisting a ban on single-use plastics,  President Donald Trump was in Florida, preparing for a summit with North Korea’s... Read more »

A one-time shot at Syria? Don’t place any bets on it

As missiles launched by the United States, Great Britain and France rained down on Syria Friday, the rest of the world was left wondering: What will happen next? Actually, Matt Kwong of the... Read more »

Tate Chaser’s new album better than Abbey Road?

That is the word on the street from so many of our subscribers, Taint, the new album by Tate Chasers is one of the best ever, how can this be? A drifter... Read more »