Will coexist with the Artificial Intelligence, in the year 2038

Harry Shum is the executive vice president of the Artificial Intelligence Research facility at Microsoft .  He studied at the University of Carnegie Mellon, one of the American universities is a constant nursery of... Read more »

TTC Faces-off with Metrolinx

ONTARIO – TTC is in dispute with Metrolinx because of the million dollar loss as a result of defects in presto card readers. According to spokesman Brad Ross, TTC has filed a... Read more »

Canadian Mounted Police Warnings about Public WiFi

If you walk down the street and decide to connect to a WiFi network that appears to be available, you must be very careful, according to the Canadian Mounted Police . The... Read more »

Cryptocurrencies is endangering the search for Extraterrestrial life

Scientists looking for signs of extraterrestrial life have a big problem. And everything is due to the rise of cryptocurrencies, according to an expert in radio astronomy. The researchers specialised in the... Read more »

The “Bill Gates” of Dogecoin is Back

In January 2014, a mysterious Reddit user, u/dogefreedom, made his very first comment, offering 20 million Doge ($6,000 at the time) to help send the Jamaican bobsled team to the 2014 Sochi... Read more »

Does technology overwhelm you? What is “technostress” and how to prevent it?

It’s 7 am, You wake up, pickup the phone and watch with amazement the in-box of your email, overflowing with emails from work. Just thinking about it gives you the creeps. Soon... Read more »

Google will start Blocking Annoying Ads

Advertising ads that most annoy users when they surf the Internet will be blocked on computers and mobile phones. Says Google. Nowadays when surfing the web we are constantly bombarded by advertisements.... Read more »

New glasses with facial recognition police in China use to capture suspects

Every day, tens of thousands of people pass through the Zhengzhou railway station in eastern China. But to know if one of them committed a crime, the police just have to look... Read more »

InterAd: 5 Keys to Korean Digital Marketing Strategies for Content Marketing 2018

As one of the most high-tech countries in the entire world, Korea is very much in its own little bubble when it comes to content marketing. Traditional avenues like Google and Facebook... Read more »

JFK files search returns error

President Donald Trump made the announcement that 3000 JFK files will be released today. The long anticipated release of the #JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)... Read more »