Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 With a 48MP Camera Will Be $150

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Google Chrome’s to Release Its Ad-Blocking Feature All Around the Globe in July

Google started to fight against bad ads on the internet, by joining the Coalition for Better Ads. They block all the disruptive promos for the Chrome browser in Europe and North America.... Read more »

AI Tech Can Identify Rare Genetic Disorders By Looking at Your Face

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How to Fix the Black Screen Problem on older iPhones

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Emus4U Update – All you need to know before using it

All of the iOS devices are supported by Emus4u. If you want to download paid apps for free on Android and iOS devices, no jailbreak is required. Free to get. It is... Read more »

Scientist Might “Face Death Penalty” After Genetically Editing Twin Girls

After proudly announcing that he created the first genetically edited babies in the world, the researcher He Jiankui is now reportedly living under house arrest and with an armed guard. His colleagues... Read more »

An Android Dark Mode Might Be Available Soon For The Entire OS

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It Looks Like 2019 will Bring us a New Pokemon Game

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Luck Patcher 8.0.2 Available to Download with New Changes

Those that wish to unlock the full potential of their Android device will often root it in order to gain access that options that aren’t available otherwise. One of the most valued... Read more »

NASA Has Big Plans For The Next-Generation Telescopes

NASA made numerous groundbreaking discoveries during time, and its upcoming plans are bigger and bigger. This time it appears that the space agency has decided to develop telescopes as much as possible.... Read more »