10 Situations when you’ll need more efficient legal billing software

Choosing the best legal billing software out there will help your law firm achieve maximized profitability while ensuring client satisfaction. Whether you are using no program at all or using old legacy software, it is... Read more »

SoundCloud data now considered when calculating UK’s Official Charts

Licensed and monetized streams on the audio platform SoundCloud will now be factored into the United Kingdom’s Official Albums and Singles Charts. SoundCloud’s streaming information will be added to sales figures calculated... Read more »

Venezuela, introduction of new currency…Suspicion linked with Petro

he Financial Times (FT) reported to the U.K. on Tuesday (local time) that Venezuela has introduced a new currency that has depreciated its value by about 95 percent in its currency. The... Read more »

The Pirate Bay is down, but there’s alternative torrent sites to download free movies

Accessing The Pirate Bay torrent website where users download free movies, music and files is currently not available. The site shows an error message and has done so for a few days.... Read more »

Drones in Canada Facing Regulations

Commercial expansion of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) in Canada has been striking. The Canadian UAV business has gotten so many applications so far. The expansion is expected to be a nonending one... Read more »

Ontario government cancellation of Tesla electric vehicle rebates

Controversial tech genius Elon Musk’s disruptive car company Tesla is suing the Ontario government for removing government supported rebates on their electric cars. This occurred briefly after Musk’s impulsive twitter rant, which... Read more »

Best Applications For Writing Content in Phone

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How gaming mouse can change the way of your gameplay

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Mark Zuckerberg personally engaged in banning Alex Jones from Facebook

Last week the world was shocked when conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was banned from multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Apple, the ban itself is very controversial as the founder of InfoWars.com... Read more »

Conservative/Libertarian Digital Crackdown Continues

This is a news item that should surprise no one, but barely hours after what appeared to be a coordinated attack by Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google targeting prominent anti-mainstream media commentator... Read more »