WhatsApp Beta v2.19.45 Update: Stable Version With New Changes

WhatsApp has recently redesigned its Settings menu for all the beta users. It has now different icons and a different layout. The app is has now the build number v2.19.45 for all the... Read more »

Apple’s WWDC 2019 Comes with New iOS and iPhones?

Many rumors are circling the internet at the moment regarding Apple’s plans for 2019, one of which being the WWDC 2019 which is speculated to take place in San Jose during the... Read more »

Mars One: Road to Bankruptcy

Mars One is that company that wanted to put humanity on the red planet. However, it has met an unexpected ending. The mission was declared bankrupt in January, but apparently, it was... Read more »

Skype’s New Background Blur Is Perfect to Hide Your Messy Environment

You’re getting ready to make a video conference, and you’re used to Skype as your primary video call service. Now, if your environment is messy, or you’re in a different place and... Read more »

Family Guy Ribbon Available in Bitlife

BitLife has recently received an updated that got the rumors about a ribbon called Family Guy cleared up. People thought that this update was introduced in the update before New Year, but... Read more »

Google Play Store 13.5.18 – Download The Latest APK Version

The Google Play Store is one of the most important app for Android users, as it allows them to download all the other apps and games on their device. Therefore, Google has... Read more »

Nasa’s New Horizons: What Does Ultima Thule Look Like, in Fact?

We have all seen how scientists have found Ultima Thule. They are now studying new ideas about is shapes, after they had examined the latest images that were sent to Earth. The... Read more »

MarCO Satellites Lose the Battle

The InSight lander from NASA did not leave alone for its trip to Mars that lasts seven months. InSight was followed on its journey by a spacecraft called MarCO which is the... Read more »

These iPhone Apps Secretly Record Users’ Screen

Technology is amazing and it has improved several aspects of our life. However, it has its downsides as well. For example, our privacy is becoming increasingly harder to protect. It has become... Read more »

Video Conference Products Vulnerable to Hackers’ Exploits

Researchers have discovered that some video conferencing products were too easy to be hijacked by hackers and use the system to snoop into companies’ private conferences, also putting at risk important data.... Read more »