Space Station gets Private Parking for Spaceships

A couple of NASA astronauts, that are currently on active duty onboard the International Space Station (ISS), went for a spacewalk recently. The two men stretched their legs outside the ISS to... Read more »

Double Asteroid Threat – Didymos Twin Asteroid Scares NASA and ESA Scientists

A possible impact of a twin asteroid with our planet scared the scientists from NASA really bad. ESA identified the asteroid Didymos as a huge potential threat to our planet. The dangerous... Read more »

We Are Closer to Finding out Earth-like Planets Now

Ever since its launch, the Kepler space telescope has discovered thousands of planets. By taking a look at the transit events, the Kepler telescope has developed hundreds of thousands of planets and... Read more »

NASA to Choose Two Proposals for the Small Satellite Technologies

NASA has recently announced that it has many proposals with regards to the small satellite technologies. These small satellites have the main goal to improve the observations of the deep space. They... Read more »

Robotic Shorts Developed By Harvard Scientists For Better Walking And Jogging

New scientific wonders are coming from Harvard University now. Some researchers have thought and developed a new clothing item that has the purpose of making you feel lighter when you run or... Read more »

Glacial Water Absorbs Carbon Dioxide Right From The Earth’s Atmosphere

One of the most intriguing researches conducted recently involves some glacial water and carbon dioxide. The atmosphere, as we will find out, has its own significant role. How the glacial water succeeded... Read more »

Nuclear Propulsion for NASA – Next Giant Leap for Humanity

The next giant leap for humanity might be possible thanks to the next-gen nuclear tech, according to NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. National Space Council (NSC) had its sixth meeting on the 20th... Read more »

Jellyfish Star Spotted By NASA With Hubble Space Telescope And Chandra X-Ray Observatory

We know that jellyfish exist only on Earth, right back to 500 million years ago, but NASA is finding a lot of wonders these days in space. We are talking about a... Read more »

U.S.’s Vulcan Centaur Launch Vehicle is Scheduled for Flight in 2021

The Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle is the next generation of heavy-lift launch vehicles developed by the United Launch Alliance (ULA). It is manufactured to have two stages; the first stage is a... Read more »

Greenland’s Glaciers Explosion – Kulusuk Village News

We have written this article to tell you more about the glacier situation in Greenland and some recent scientific discoveries made there. Keep reading if you want to know all the details... Read more »