Wildfires Could Lead To The Extinction Of Moths

A couple of days ago, an international team of researchers published a paper in the journal Functional Ecology. They studied the aftermath of a massive wildfire in Portugal and how it affected... Read more »

Ancient Human Remains Could Rewrite The Ancient History Of Europe

A little while ago, a discovery shook everything we knew about ancient human migrations and the ancestors of modern humans. The entire ancient history of Europe might be rewritten. In the 1970s,... Read more »

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snapped From Above By Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

You might be living with the illusion that if you hide, you will no longer be seen, but there is always a satellite watching each of your moves. That is something you... Read more »

Martian Rock Fragment Was The Test Subject Of The Camera On ESA’s ExoMars 2020

A Martian rock by the name of Exhibit ​0102.226 was discovered in the Sayh al Uhaymir area of Oman, back in 2012. The object seems to be a simple piece of rock,... Read more »

Daily Consumption of Sugary Drinks Linked to Several Types of Cancer​

​Drinking approximately 3.4 ounces of soda per day increases the risk for cancer, a new study discovered. Even a small increment in the amount was linked to a 22 percent increased risk... Read more »

There’s an Asteroid out There That Likes the Sun Way Too Much

We all know how we get excited when we find something new, that’s important for us. Just like that, astronomers are always happy when they see something new in our Solar System.... Read more »

Hubble to Find a Black Hole Disk That’s Not Supposed to Exist

Astronomers are always happy when they find mysterious things that are not supposed to be in certain places. If we are to take a look at the spiral galaxy NGC 3147, we... Read more »

Coral Reefs Migrate From Equator To Temperate Climate Regions

New research reveals a migration that started 40 years ago and is still believed to continue in the future. No, we are not talking about human or animal migration. We are talking... Read more »

Lunar Eclipse To Take Place Next Week

Let us review what we know about a lunar eclipse. We want you to be ready for the forthcoming lunar eclipse on July 17th. A lunar eclipse takes place when the moon... Read more »

Astronomers Just Found an Asteroid That Orbits the Sun and Does Not Get Close to the Earth

Due to the fact that astronomers keep looking for new bodies in our solar system, they know some things about asteroids. Many of these asteroids orbit long the Sun and just roaming... Read more »