Final Fantasy 9 is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

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Tensions Sparked Between The United States And Russia Following Navy Commander Comments

US Navy Commander John Michael Richardson made some worrisome comments recently when he urged the United States to be the ones that “push first” against Russia.  Such a statement couldn’t have gone... Read more »

Search Intent in SEO: The Role of the Patent and the Mechanism

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Xiaomi Wants to Release Mi 9 at the Same Time with Samsung Galaxy S10

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Fight on Twitter: Trump and Newsom and How Trump Wants His Money Back

There were some tweets between President Donald Trump and the California Gov. Gavin Newsom about the federal funding for the state’s bullet train project. This happened on Wednesday. It’s been said that... Read more »

Musk Gets as Many Model 3 Sedans to China as He Can Before the Price Increase

There are 3 ships that have the approximate length of two football fields that are to arrive in China until the end of the month. Each one of them has a special... Read more »

NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen: How and Why He Died

The death of the NYPD detective from Queens happened during the 42 bullets that were fired at a criminal who had a fake gun. The suspect, who is called Christopher Ransom, was... Read more »

Deer Disease to Spread to Humans – Is It Connected to the Mad Cow Disease?

There’s a deadly disease that currently affects the deer population, and it happens in about 24 states and even two Canadian provinces. It could also spread to humans, as experts say. They... Read more »

Android Pie 9.0: Do Not Disturb, Gestures and Action Suggestions Features

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A New Alien Conspiracy Theory is Taking Over the Internet

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