A Massive Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2019

News is coming from the European Space Agency. A massive asteroid that has a diameter more extensive than a football field is treating our planet this year. The asteroid is called 2006... Read more »

Science Is Finding the Answer of the Limit of Human Endurance

Science is the key to answer a lot of questions. So when some questions need an answer, scientists are ready to search for a solution. So it’s the case of the limit... Read more »

Do You Know Why Some People Are Shy?

Many of us have problems when it comes to giving a presentation in front of a full room with people, or even to socialize freely at a party. When thinking about shyness... Read more »

The Biggest Extinction Earth Has Ever Seen Could Repeat Again

Turning back 250 million years ago, the most significant extinction that our planet has ever seen was caused by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This extinction is called the Great Dying,... Read more »

Octopuses To Be The Future Lab Rats

The Marine Biological Laboratory from Woods Hole, Mass., has a room filled with aquariums and octopuses. The octopuses are being held with a lot of big rocks in the lid because the... Read more »

Do You Know What Neil Armstrong Saw on the Moon?

The first Moon landing was launched by NASA, and the first man that has walked on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. Because of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon walk, we... Read more »

Astronomers Spotted Baby Exoplanets Orbiting A Young, Sun-Like Star

Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland have detected two baby exoplanets that are gravitationally creating an enormous disparity inside the protoplanetary disk. The two alien worlds orbit a... Read more »

From Sci-Fi To Reality: Working With Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for centuries, but according to data on the history of AI, it was only in the ‘40s-‘50s when its authentic opportunities were explored.... Read more »

Stellar Family Portrait: Fabulous Capture from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer Space Telescope, managed by NASA, captured a huge celestial mosaic where we can observe, besides other things, multiple clusters of stars, some older and more evolved than the others, born from... Read more »

Work Burnout Is Now Classified As A Job Syndrome, According To The WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers work ‘burnout’ not as a medical condition, but as a job syndrome. The state is outlined in the company’s manual of medical investigation. Expression of burnout... Read more »