The Moon Could Affect Our State Of Mind

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Trump to Shares yet Another of His Theories: Epstein and Clintons

As always, President Donald Trump has used Twitter to promote one of his conspiracy theories. He talked about how Jeffrey Epstein, the financier accused of sex trafficking, died in federal jail. This... Read more »

Summer Meteor Shower Will Happen Next Week

A meteor shower is expected to make its appearance this summer. It’s as close as next week.   We are talking about the PerseidsPerseids, which are part of the annual meteor shower that... Read more »

Researchers to Find Ancient Galaxies Which Gives Insight About Dark Matter 

Astronomers have recently combined the power of multiple astronomical observatories from all around the world. They did it in order to discover treasures that were previously unknown ancient massive galaxies. This is... Read more »

Plant-Based Diets Lowers The Risks Of Dying From Heart Diseases

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Classic Mustang Models To Be Revived With Some Modern Features

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Scientists Revealed The Universe’s Origins Via Thermalization Process Of Far-From-Equilibrium Systems

Every creature or object in this world will start to deteriorate and disintegrate at some point. Their energy and particles will eventually spread uniformly throughout the entire universe. The phenomenon that causes... Read more »

Ottawa Wants to Change the Price of the Drugs; Can This Save Billions? 

The federal government wants to make some changes to the way it evaluates the new drug prices. Apparently, this will save Canadians billions in the next ten years.   The government released the... Read more »

We Know More About Nuclear Winter After Studying the 2017 B.C. Wildfires 

If we understand what will happen to the atmosphere of the Earth after a possible nuclear war, we could see what most scientists are horrified of, all of the hypothesis that are... Read more »

Asteroid Threat: Could a Massive Rock Impact Earth Today?

A huge asteroid, officially named 2006 QQ23 is set to pass by Earth today. Size of the asteroid The rock from outer space is twice bigger than London’s Shard. An official from the... Read more »