JAXA Hayabusa 2 Space Probe Goes For Collecting Asteroid Ryugu Samples

JAXA Hayabusa 2 space probe, operated by Japan, has started its descent towards Asteroid Ryugu on Wednesday. Its mission is to collect samples from the distant asteroid and give scientists a better... Read more »

Apollo 11 Celebration with Light Projection on Washington Monument

Celebrating the Apollo 11 mission, the Americans will hold a demonstration of light projections on the Washington Monument, depicting a Saturn V rocket bound for the Moon. The Smithsonian’s National Air and... Read more »

China’s Chang’e 4 Goes on Dormant Mode on the Far Side of the Moon ​​

China’s Chang’e 4 probe alongside the lander and the rover, known as Yutu 2, or Jade Rabbit 2, have gone on dormant mode because the lunar night on the far side of... Read more »

NASA Successfully Tested The Green Propellant Infusion Mission

NASA has successfully tested its Green Propellant Infusion Mission or GPIM. The craft, which utilizes the green fuel, fired its five thrusters with no issues to be had. This has happened a... Read more »

A Smart Glass Could Reveal Artificial Vision

This window to the future is none other than a piece of glass. University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has devised a method to create pieces of “smart” glass that can recognize images without... Read more »

LISA Will Find out How Many Exoplanets Are in the Entire Milky Way

The European Space Agency’s LISA mission initially wanted to study merging supermassive black holes. However, it might have just discovered hundreds of worlds around some white dwarf stars  More than 4000 exoplanets are... Read more »

A Deep-Sea Shark Has Been Captured on Film. It’s Older Than Dinosaurs

Researchers have found the mysterious bluntnose sixgill shark and have caught them on film. This creature has been here before the dinosaurs.   It has been described as being “perfectly efficient” by the team from the Florida State... Read more »

Dust Storms Spotted On Mars By ESA’s Mars Express Orbiter

The Mars Express orbiter spotted several dust storms which are forming and near the north pole of Mars. In most cases, local and regional sand storms which take place on the Red... Read more »

Ancient Forms of Life are Reviving after Millennia Under Ice ​

The global cold event called the Little Ice Age occurred from approximately 1550 to 1850, and it made glaciers in the Arctic much larger. The Teardrop Glacier on Canada’s Ellesmere Island has... Read more »

Coral Species That Survive High Ocean Acidity Levels, Found By Scientists

Some coral species have been found to survive high ocean acidity levels. Out of these, the Caribbean coral species are best suited to face the toxicity, and they can even flourish in... Read more »