Red Cross Scandal, 21 employees pay for sexual services

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says 21 staff members have left their job after revealing sexual harassment over the last three years. The ICRC general director, Yves Duchord, said... Read more »

Operating a successful medical practice revolves around, medicine and hospitality.

Physicians Should Practice Medicine & Staff Should Practice Hospitality. During my tenure of 25 years in working with physician practices, I have often found a grumpy a receptionist, a staff following redundant... Read more »

When will pot be legal? Who knows?

It may have been a key plank in Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election platform, but now as prime minister, Trudeau is realizing  legalizing recreational marijuana might not be easy. Trudeau and his Liberal... Read more »

Landlords in Ontario want to ban pot smoking in rentals

As recreational marijuana becomes legal for private residences in the summer, not all people are happy about it. Landlords in Ontario are worried about the effect that the drug will have on... Read more »

Health Canada Issues Stricter Warnings for Green Tea Extracts

In the wake of an increasing number of liver injury cases being reported in Canada and worldwide, Health Canada has issued a tougher warning over product labels containing green tea extracts. These... Read more »

Advancements in Cancer Research to Be Shared at the Canadian Cancer Research Conference 2017

The Canadian Cancer Research Conference (CCRC) attracts researchers from all across Canada. The CCRC 2017 scheduled between November 5-7 will see a plethora of discoveries from researchers. CCRC is the only national... Read more »

Federal Minister Says Indigenous Child Welfare Data Leading to Humanitarian Crisis

Jane Philpott – minister for Indigenous Services in Canada, believes that the disproportionate population of Indigenous children in the country’s child welfare system has led to “humanitarian crisis” in Canada. In a... Read more »

Canada’s Budget Deficits Could Increase with an Increase in the Country’s Aging Population

Canada is getting old. According to the latest census, the number of seniors exceeds the number of children in the country. However, it’s a close margin where seniors make 16.9% of the... Read more »

An Eco-Parking Lot – That’s a First in Canada

North End, Hamilton, Ontario is one of the few communities in Canada that are always striving to evolve with the ever-changing environment. In their attempt to keep up with the same, the... Read more »

Raw Sewage enters Niagara Falls

People have been noticing it yet again – the raw sewage spilled into the Niagara River is just too obvious to ignore any longer. The sewage dumped into the river has turned... Read more »