Federal Minister Says Indigenous Child Welfare Data Leading to Humanitarian Crisis

Jane Philpott – minister for Indigenous Services in Canada, believes that the disproportionate population of Indigenous children in the country’s child welfare system has led to “humanitarian crisis” in Canada. In a... Read more »

Canada’s Budget Deficits Could Increase with an Increase in the Country’s Aging Population

Canada is getting old. According to the latest census, the number of seniors exceeds the number of children in the country. However, it’s a close margin where seniors make 16.9% of the... Read more »

An Eco-Parking Lot – That’s a First in Canada

North End, Hamilton, Ontario is one of the few communities in Canada that are always striving to evolve with the ever-changing environment. In their attempt to keep up with the same, the... Read more »

Raw Sewage enters Niagara Falls

People have been noticing it yet again – the raw sewage spilled into the Niagara River is just too obvious to ignore any longer. The sewage dumped into the river has turned... Read more »

Do you qualify for a bump in the child benefits payment?

With the Finance Minister Bill Morneau set to announce the country’s economic update on Tuesday, officials expect a bump in the child benefits payment made to families that qualify for it. The... Read more »

Trudeau: Never before has the world been so interconnected

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement today on United Nations Day. Trudeau has been an active promoter on climate change, here’s what he had to say: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today... Read more »

The Deadly Ammonia Leak at Fernie Memorial Arena – A First of Its Kind Hazard in Canada

It’s been over 24 hours since three Fernie Arena workers were found dead following a fatal ammonia leak in the arena. Latest reports from the authorities reveal that the levels of ammonia... Read more »

Gord Downie dies at 53, family releases statement

Tragically Hip’s famous Canadian singer Gord Downie passed away Tuesday evening with his children and family by his side. The Downie Family released a statement on the band’s website. Last night Gord... Read more »

Trailer Park Boys Actor John Dunsworth dies at age 71

Well known Canadian character known as Jim Lahey from the popular series Trailer Park Boys died Monday at the age of 71. John F. Dunsworth died peacefully said his daughter in an... Read more »

EU & Canada Settle Decades Old Tiff Over Beef Import Restrictions

It’s been nearly three decades – twenty eight years, to be precise – that the European Union banned the import of hormone-injected beef from the US and Canada, which led to an... Read more »