We’re Dealing with a Teen Vaping Epidemic

We’ve seen some alarming statistics about the use of e-cigs in youngsters, and the state health department issued and advisory that basically showed that this trend is now an epidemic.  All around... Read more »

Flu Season Is Here: It’s Not as Bad as Last Year

We meet again with influenza in the US. But we also have good news: it’s not as bad as it was last season. We must mention that almost 80,000 Americans died last... Read more »

Romaine lettuce farm linked to E. coli

California farm responsible for hatching E. coli in romaine lettuce US authorities have linked a source of the E. coli outbreak to a farm in central California and identified three suspect areas... Read more »

Is james bond an alcoholic

In a study called ” License to swill: James Bond’s drinking over six decades“(Which could have been titled” License IV “in French), researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand have analyzed... Read more »

New Study Shows Canadian Children Have High Rates Of Suicide, Child Abuse

There is a global perception that Canada is a one of the better places in the world to raise children, thanks in part to its national health system. But a new report... Read more »

Ottawa’s Drug-Pricing Change Threatens Interest of Canadians Suffering from Rare Diseases

The plea by Canadians federal government to increasingly regulate the cost of pharmaceutics might have downsides attached to it. According to a new study released by the Fraser Institute recently, Canadians with... Read more »

Waiting for Medical Treatment Cost Canadians $1.9 Billion in Lost Wages

“Time is money”. A common phrase that holds a lot of value in itself seems to fit perfectly to describe the predicament of common Canadians. While Canada has long been proud and... Read more »

How to Find Out if You Have a Fever, Know the Symptoms!

It is a symptom of health due to bacterial and virus infections. The body temperature will rise above the normal temperature of 98 or 100 Fahrenheit. Fever can occur due to various... Read more »

Healthcare Costs for a Typical Canadian Family in a Year? $13,000

In another looming crisis that Conservatives had been warning about for years, the rising costs of insurance for Canada’s average family hit a record $13,000. In a report released by the prestigious... Read more »

Canada Considers Modifying Juror Selection Methods

In an effort to broaden juror selection methods, the Department of Justice in Canada has recently considered modification to the system of jury selection. Proposed changes to the Criminal Code would result... Read more »