Indoor Smoking Ban Reduces Heart Attacks Incidence In Older Adults

According to a new study, few older adults suffer from heart attacks in Scotland thanks to a nationwide indoor smoking ban that took effect 13 years ago. How did this indoor smoking... Read more »

Ebola Outbreak In Congo Declared An ‘International Health Emergency’ By The WHO

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country characterized by political and economic instability, is now facing a significant threat: an Ebola outbreak. To date, the Ebola outbreak caused almost 3,000 deaths... Read more »

Nature Can Help People Overcome Harmful Addictions

When you connect with nature, you feel the benefits inside of you. According to new research, your cravings for harmful addictions to foods, alcohol, and cigarettes can be reduced if you have... Read more »

Ebola Continues to Spread Across Congo

Ebola continues to take lives in Congo as the outbreak continues. Recently, the Ebola outbreak in Congo spread to the eastern region of Goma, one of the main cities of Congo. According... Read more »

Anorexia Is Also A Metabolic Disorder, Not Only A Psychiatric One

Anorexia, or anorexia nervosa, is an eating affliction which causes weight reduction due to fear of weight gaining. People affected by this disorder believe they are overweight and try to become as... Read more »

Sun Exposure Is Not Causing Melanoma, New Research Shows

Specialists on vitamin D state that Americans have been educated that too much sun exposure can cause lethal skin cancers, and now they have developed sun phobia and waste billions of dollars... Read more »

Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria Dies two Days Later

A woman from Florida has been talking on Facebook about a flesh-eating bacteria that her father had contracted while swimming. He died after 48 hours. She said that a flesh-eating bacteria sounds... Read more »

Highly-Processed Foods Are More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Highly-processed foods are bad. But we already knew that. Sure, they are convenient and easy to prepare and consume. They are appealing. They are delicious. And they are a threat for our... Read more »

There’s a Parasite That Infects the Hawaiian Brains

There is an outbreak of poop-eating slugs that is infecting Hawaiians with brain parasites right now. A study has been published on Monday. They have found that people are getting the disease... Read more »

Can Sugary Drinks Increase the Risk of Cancer?

The BMJ (formerly known as the British Medical Journal) issued a new study in which the risk of cancer is associated with the consumption of sugary drinks. While it is not the... Read more »