Vancouver Students to Skip School for Climate Change: They Marched Holding Signs About Earth

In Vancouver, hundreds of students skipped school and went on the streets in order to draw attention to the threat of climate change. They followed the global Climate Strike movement. The march... Read more »

Flood Support Centres Will Close, Volunteers Won’t Be Needed Anymore Until Further Notice

The emergency measures that were put in place in order to deal with the spring’s major flooding are actually being sent away, due to the water level that has peaked, and have... Read more »

Australian Scientists to Find an Antidote for the Box Jellyfish Sting

Some researchers from Australia believe that they found an antidote for a sting of a very venomous creature, the box jellyfish. They come from the University of Sydney and they have worked... Read more »

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: It’s More Common in Certain Groups

According to a new study, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is more common among orphans, inmates and indigenous groups. They also found that there is no safe amount of alcohol that a pregnant... Read more »

Salmonella Outbreak in Canada: Was It Because of Frozen Cream Puffs and Chocolate Eclairs from Celebrate?

We have recently heard that a salmonella outbreak has sickened more than 80 people in Canada. They may have found the source: frozen pastries. The sickness started in 2018 Many chocolate eclairs... Read more »

Toxin Risk: Scientists Found Alzheimer’s Plaques in the Brain of Dolphins

There’s a new study that showed the discovery of the beta-amyloid plaques into the brains of stranded dolphins, which is the same plaque that’s associated with the Alzheimer’s disease in humans. This... Read more »

Are E-Cigs Really a Risk of Heart Attack?

Apparently, there’s some proof that e-cigarettes are damaging to our health. They’re also known as e-cigs or vapes, or vape pens and people don’t really know the effect they can have on... Read more »

A Self-Powered Sensor to Help Tracking Firefighters in Dangerous Moments

This device is not bigger than an ordinary watch battery, so the sensor is added to the firefighter’s gear could actually save more lives than before. The researchers from McMaster University in... Read more »

Banff Train Derailment: Will the Spilled Grain Be a Problem for Bears?

Some spilled grain from a train derailment could be very dangerous for the population of grizzly bears from Banff National Park. Let’s not forget that the hibernation season is almost over. The... Read more »

Marta Stewart to Make a Partnership with a Canadian Cannabis Firm

We all know who Martha Stewart is. She has some big plans for the future. Apparently, she wants to partner up with one of the biggest marijuana producers in order to make... Read more »