Measles Outbreak: People Are Protesting to Preserve the Right Not to Vaccinate Their Children

Hundreds of anti-vaxxers went outside of a public hearing in Washington in order to protest a bill that would make it even harder for families to leave aside the idea of vaccines.... Read more »

Man Dead After E-Cigarette Explosion

A man from Texas died after a massive stroke. His e-cigarette has exploded and tore his carotid artery. In his death certificate it is written that he died from cerebral infarction and... Read more »

Did We Find A Remedy for Food Allergies?

Remember when peanuts were everywhere? In sandwiches, in the snack bowl, at all the baseball games – remember Super Bowl Sunday? However, nowadays, people fear nuts. Why? Allergies. Some people pass out... Read more »

23andMe Gets FDA Clearance for Test that Detects Cancer Risk, But Is It Accurate?

Early diagnosis for cancer has been researched for decades, as the disease is complex and symptoms only show up when it is already developed. However, the 23andMe DNA service plans to change... Read more »

What Can You do to Prevent Common Colds in Kids?

We all know what it was like when we were kids, and we sneezed all the time. It’s quite hard for kids to ignore it, especially in Winter time. It’s true, parents... Read more »

Apple Teams Up With Johnson & Johnson To Help Diagnose Causes of Stroke

This year, Apple and Johnson & Johnson will begin a multi-year study to see if the Apple Watch Series 4 combined with an app from the pharmaceutical company can help diagnose atrial... Read more »

Top Health and Fitness Gadgets in 2019

The New Year feels like a fresh beginning and a great time to start losing weight, gaining some muscle or just keeping fit. However, one thing you should not stress about is... Read more »

A Woman Gave Birth in Vegetative State: The Sexual Assault Story That Had Everyone Shocked

There was a certain phone call made to 911, in which a nurse screamed that a baby was turning blue. She asked for the paramedics to come faster, as they weren’t prepared... Read more »

We’re Dealing with a Teen Vaping Epidemic

We’ve seen some alarming statistics about the use of e-cigs in youngsters, and the state health department issued and advisory that basically showed that this trend is now an epidemic.  All around... Read more »

Flu Season Is Here: It’s Not as Bad as Last Year

We meet again with influenza in the US. But we also have good news: it’s not as bad as it was last season. We must mention that almost 80,000 Americans died last... Read more »