Federal government appears ready to deal with a serious opioid crisis

It’s no secret. There’s a serious opioid crisis in Canada. The real question is what to do about it. The federal government moved Monday to make prescription opioids easier for doctors to prescribe and... Read more »

Marijuana legislation raises more questions about the real role of the Canadian Senate

Although the Trudeau government’s marijuana legalization bill passed through second reading in the Senate Thursday, the process has once again opened up the debate on the costs and role of Canada’s chamber of sober... Read more »

Governments face tough choices to satisfy health-care demands

Sooner or later, somebody had to say it. Governments in Canada aren’t spending enough money on health care. The latest to hear the bad news is Ontario, where its Financial Accountability Officer... Read more »

Abortion Rule In Summer Jobs Program Debated in House of Commons

After months of upset about the abortion rule that the Trudeau Liberals added into the application requirements for the Canada Summer Jobs Program, the Conservatives proposed a motion: “That, in the opinion... Read more »

New Dating Website is Homophobic, Preys on Gay Men

The gay community has had to fight many stigmas throughout the last few decades, many of which are finally starting to subside. However, that doesn’t stop everyone from churning the pot and... Read more »

Canada proposes that drug insurance be free

The most recent budget of the Canadian government includes a space dedicated to a topic that has been debated for years in the country, without any conclusion. Should the drugs be covered by the... Read more »

Universal pharmacare plan could cost the feds billions

Hidden deep among the headlines from the 2018 budget announcement by the federal Liberal government Tuesday was a plan to roll out a universal pharmacare plan. It’s a bold initiative, but one... Read more »

Red Cross Scandal, 21 employees pay for sexual services

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says 21 staff members have left their job after revealing sexual harassment over the last three years. The ICRC general director, Yves Duchord, said... Read more »

Operating a successful medical practice revolves around, medicine and hospitality.

Physicians Should Practice Medicine & Staff Should Practice Hospitality. During my tenure of 25 years in working with physician practices, I have often found a grumpy a receptionist, a staff following redundant... Read more »

When will pot be legal? Who knows?

It may have been a key plank in Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election platform, but now as prime minister, Trudeau is realizing  legalizing recreational marijuana might not be easy. Trudeau and his Liberal... Read more »