Toxin Risk: Scientists Found Alzheimer’s Plaques in the Brain of Dolphins

There’s a new study that showed the discovery of the beta-amyloid plaques into the brains of stranded dolphins, which is the same plaque that’s associated with the Alzheimer’s disease in humans. This... Read more »

Are E-Cigs Really a Risk of Heart Attack?

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A Self-Powered Sensor to Help Tracking Firefighters in Dangerous Moments

This device is not bigger than an ordinary watch battery, so the sensor is added to the firefighter’s gear could actually save more lives than before. The researchers from McMaster University in... Read more »

Banff Train Derailment: Will the Spilled Grain Be a Problem for Bears?

Some spilled grain from a train derailment could be very dangerous for the population of grizzly bears from Banff National Park. Let’s not forget that the hibernation season is almost over. The... Read more »

Marta Stewart to Make a Partnership with a Canadian Cannabis Firm

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How Bad Is Diet Soda for You?

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Alberta: Should We Get Concerned About the Measles Outbreak?

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Superbugs: Can We Get out Alive?

A superbug from India is currently kind of establishing itself in New Zealand. Can we actually prevent this from happening? In 2015, in New Zealand a woman contracted the superbug, that’s called... Read more »

Deer Disease to Spread to Humans – Is It Connected to the Mad Cow Disease?

There’s a deadly disease that currently affects the deer population, and it happens in about 24 states and even two Canadian provinces. It could also spread to humans, as experts say. They... Read more »

Washington: A Quarter of All Kindergartner Students Did Not Get the Vaccine

The measles outbreaks from Washington have all the health officials worry about a disease that was eliminated from the United States almost 20 years ago. The Washington state has even declared a... Read more »