Scientists to Find a Cure for Food Allergies

Scientists have found a species of bacteria in a human infant gut. Apparently, it protects against food allergies and may actually be useful in therapies to reverse this condition. Right now, there... Read more »

“Female Viagra” Approved by the FDA – How Safe Is This?

The U.S drug regulator has approved on Friday the drug from Palatin Technologies and Amag Pharmaceuticals. This drug means to restore the sexual desire in those women who are in the stage... Read more »

This Is the Relation Between Heart Problems and Cognitive Decline

Adults that have clogged arteries that carry the blood to the heart can be prone to a cognitive decline, as a new study shows. It is true, even in a person has... Read more »

What Is That Blackout You Get When You Are Anxious?

There are some times when you’re just so nervous that you cannot think. Then, if someone asks you what has happened, you simply cannot remember. For some, it might mean that they... Read more »

Vaping Has Met Its Popularity in Canadian Teens

New research has shown that vaping among teens from Canada got up to 74% in one year. The big brands of e-cigs are gaining fame, and, also, a foothold. This situation can... Read more »

Cancer Diagnostic turns out to be a Tapeworm

Rachel Palma’s symptoms decided as being cancer, after numerous examining scans and exclusions of other diseases. She started experiencing these manifestations last year, in January. She experienced involuntary spasms on her right... Read more »

Work Burnout Is Now Classified As A Job Syndrome, According To The WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers work ‘burnout’ not as a medical condition, but as a job syndrome. The state is outlined in the company’s manual of medical investigation. Expression of burnout... Read more »

Parasites Able To Infect Human Brains Found In Hawaii

Hawaii’s Department of Health alerts tourists against a parasite that can be found in food. The department issued a consultative in the previous week for those planning to spend their holidays in... Read more »

The Next Organs Donated Could Be Artificially 3D-Printed

A new study published in the journal Science demonstrates scientists being able to print a 3D complex vasculature that imitates the human’s body natural courses for blood, air and other crucial fluids.... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Would Not Decriminalize Amid Opioid Crisis Increase

Donna May has recently said that she will not tolerate a simple nod from politicians, when it comes to the opioid epidemic. She said that opioids had claimed too many lives of... Read more »