Michelle Rempel: The force is about to hit Trudeau on his stupid Canadian ending policies

Michelle Rempel and her colleagues are in Ottawa today after making the announcement on Sunday morning via Facebook. “You guys [fans] always tell me, we need you to fight, we need you... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh: The Turban image is not the issue in Quebec

Jagmeet Singh responded to the comments from his own NDP MP’s to which one of his caucus members said Singh’s images isn’t compatible to represent power. “We don’t want to see any... Read more »

Omar Khadr is denied unsupervised contact with radical sister

Omar Khadr is looking for unsupervised visits with his older radical sister Khadr’s sister, Zaynab Khadr. His sister is planning to come to Canada and Omar wants unsupervised visits and conversations with... Read more »

Arnold Chan, Liberal MP dies from cancer

Arnold Chan, 50, died this morning after battling a rare cancer for the last two years in the head and neck area called nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Chan was first diagnosed in 2014 with... Read more »

Trudeau kills dreams, Arlene Dickinson scolds gov’t for tax changes

Arlene Dickinson has a net worth of around $100 million, she lives in Calgary and has been a role model for many young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the business. People... Read more »

Wearing the Trump Gets Canadian Judge Suspended

A day after Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States, Justice Bernd Zabel walked into his Hamilton, Ontario courtroom, wearing a red baseball cap that said “Make... Read more »

Kathleen Wynne testifies in the Sudbury Bribery Trial for the wrong reasons

Premier Kathleen Wynne appeared in court on Wednesday for four hours to testify for the ongoing Sudbury Bribery Trial as a witness, she testified to help keep the Liberal family stay together.... Read more »

Trudeau makes a statement concerning Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

At least 370,000 Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar fled to Bangladesh from facing violence and human rights violations as pressure against the government mounts this week. Justin Trudeau spoke with Aung San Suu... Read more »

Trudeau’s Bahamas trip cost $80,000 more than first disclosed

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas cost taxpayers way more than first disclosed to Parliament. Earlier this year it was revealed that Trudeau’s... Read more »

Hurricane Jose – A Potential Threat to Canadian Coasts?

Hurricane Irma brought widespread destruction in Florida, with Florida Keys being the worst affected area. The Category 4 monster storm caused flooded streets, power cuts, and tornadoes that led to a number... Read more »