Brown’s reinstatement into leadership race creates more challenges for Conservatives

If Ontario Progressive Conservative Party officials think they solved a major problem with the reinstatement of Patrick Brown Wednesday, they better think again. Brown, the victim of unproven allegations of sexual abuse,... Read more »

An embarrassing week for Canadians just became a lot more ridiculous

It’s one thing to have our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, his wife, Sophie and his three children, Ella-Grace, Hadrien and Xavier, traipsing around India in funny-looking costumes. But is this disease catching?... Read more »

When environmentalists and politicians feud the Canadian economy takes an enormous hit

By now, everybody knows how the pipeline wars in Canada erupt. First, some ambitious pipeline company proposes transporting oil, gas or biofuels across provincial or international borders using pipelines and then the... Read more »

3 Things That Make Jagmeet Singh So Excellent

Jagmeet Singh is the new elected leader for the NDP (New Democratic Party) of Canada. There are many great things about Jagmeet Singh that in the first place make him a dignified... Read more »

Trudeau signs $1 billion deal with India but take a closer look at the fine print

It almost appeared yet another vacation for Prime Minister Trudeau, his wife, three children and a pack of cabinet ministers yielded some positive results. The prime minister announced a $1-billion investment deal... Read more »

When Come From Away came to Canada Trudeau and family were checking out India

Remember last spring, when our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was widely criticized for spending $30,000 to buy 600 concert tickets for Come From Away, a musical in New York City? Well, guess... Read more »

Trudeau family trip to India even draws criticism there

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife, three children and a collection of Canadian cabinet ministers jaunt around India with Canadian taxpayers footing the bill, he’s drawing criticism from not only the... Read more »

Trudeau federal government moves to repair fencing with India

The Trudeau govt is actually reaching in order to repair barricades with an Indian political leader that has actually been implicated with involving Sikh separatists within its own cabinet. Capt. Amarinder Singh... Read more »

Singh slams Liberal policies at NDP’s national convention

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jaunted around India and Progressive Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer faced some serious media criticisms, the attention shifted to lesser-known and recently-crowned New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh... Read more »

Canadian Mounted Police Warnings about Public WiFi

If you walk down the street and decide to connect to a WiFi network that appears to be available, you must be very careful, according to the Canadian Mounted Police . The... Read more »