New rules for online voting for Conservative party leadership

Progressive conservatives in Ontario who want to participate in the election of their next leader will have to prove their identity before voting. The party says it is implementing a two-step verification... Read more »

Tories accuse PM of ‘political interference’ after comments on Boushie case

OTTAWA — The federal Conservatives are accusing Justin Trudeau of “political interference,” after the prime minister responded to the acquittal of a white farmer in the death of a young Indigenous man... Read more »

Indigenous verdict begs need for review of the jury selection process

With Indigenous people up in arms from coast to coast Friday after a white farmer was acquitted of the murder of a First Nations man, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told Canadians “we... Read more »

Prime Minister of Canada: The Anti Trump?

Although its geopolitical relevance is considerably less, in Canada there remains a bulwark of liberalism headed by a charismatic figure named Justin Trudeau. A few hours after Donald Trump’s victory, the Canadian... Read more »

Former B.C. premier Christy Clark says blocking Trans Mountain is ‘illegal’

OTTAWA — British Columbia’s efforts to block the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion are illegal and will hurt all of Canada, says the former B.C. premier who originally approved the interprovincial project. The... Read more »

Doug Ford says will run in Ontario election even if he loses PC leadership race

OTTAWA — Doug Ford says he’ll run for a seat in the Ontario legislature this June, even if he loses the leadership race for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. But Ford says he’s... Read more »

Justin Trudeau is teased for using the term “peoplekind” (VIDEO)

The events that the Prime Minister of Canada has carried out throughout the country to “get close” to the population have produced all kinds of moments. From protests, heated debates … and... Read more »

Why are people in Quebec buying wine from British Columbia?

One of the disadvantages – or advantages, depending on how you see it of Canadian federalism, is that it gives a lot of power to the different provinces. And with power come... Read more »

The acceptance rate of asylum cases in Canada is at its highest point in almost 30 years

The measures introduced by the Trudeau government to the program of refugee and asylum of Canada apparently generated positive consequences, depending on ones point of view. The CBC published a thorough investigation... Read more »

VIDEO: Trudeau’s motorcade involved in California crash

One police office is injured as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motorcade was involved in a crash just outside Los Angeles, California. VIDEO: Scene of the accident involving a California Highway Patrol... Read more »