Justin Trudeau’s Stand on Abortion in Canada

Last December, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his liberal party decided that any organization that is opposed to abortion would no longer receive funding from the governments Summer Jobs Canada program. This... Read more »

Canadians are patiently waiting for the budget to balance itself

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Trudeau’s India Visit Sparks Outrage

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Justin Trudeau Regrets Attempted Assassin’s Party Invite

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to India this week has been filled with self imposed hurdles, most recently with the revelation that he was invited to dine with Jaspal Atwal. In... Read more »

Indian magazine accuses Canada of complicity with Sikh terrorists

Less than two weeks before Justin Trudeau’s first visit to India, as the Prime Minister of Canada, an Indian magazine published several articles accusing Canada of complicity with Sikh terrorists. In its... Read more »

News just keeps getting worse on Trudeau’s trip through India

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Brown’s reinstatement into leadership race creates more challenges for Conservatives

If Ontario Progressive Conservative Party officials think they solved a major problem with the reinstatement of Patrick Brown Wednesday, they better think again. Brown, the victim of unproven allegations of sexual abuse,... Read more »

An embarrassing week for Canadians just became a lot more ridiculous

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When environmentalists and politicians feud the Canadian economy takes an enormous hit

By now, everybody knows how the pipeline wars in Canada erupt. First, some ambitious pipeline company proposes transporting oil, gas or biofuels across provincial or international borders using pipelines and then the... Read more »

3 Things That Make Jagmeet Singh So Excellent

Jagmeet Singh is the new elected leader for the NDP (New Democratic Party) of Canada. There are many great things about Jagmeet Singh that in the first place make him a dignified... Read more »