Justin Trudeau Is No Champion Of Women

Justin Trudeau hails himself as a champion of women’s rights. The Liberal Party Canadian prime minister continually tells us he is a feminist and that he is fighting for women. Whatever Justin... Read more »

New Poll Suggests Canadians Have Had Enough Of Justin Trudeau

Canadians are losing their faith in Prime Minister Trudeau. At least that’s according to a recent political survey put out by Ottawa-based Abacus Data. Amazingly, this new poll suggests the Conservative Party has a... Read more »

Equitable Political Donations to Conservatives on the Rise

In 2017, the Conservative Party of Canada had an impressive year in terms of political funds raised for their various campaigns. According to a recent news report published by the National Post,... Read more »

Wynne attacks Ford’s budget comments as Ontario election campaign heats up

It’s the classic difference of opinion between a Liberal politician and a Conservative representative. Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals chose to spend money to support the poor and vulnerable in her party’s 2018 Ontario... Read more »

Conservatives Gain Ground in Canadian Universities

Even though the majority of university professors in Canada are aligned with Liberals, quite a few students are warming up to the ideology and agenda offered by Conservatives. In a recent opinion... Read more »

Scheer demands apology for Morneau’s “Neanderthal” comment

After the Finance Minister called a Conservative deputy leader a “Neanderthal” while the Parliament was in session, Andrew Scheer has twice demanded an apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The incident in... Read more »

Canadians demand more answers on Mali Military Mission from Trudeau Government

Six helicopters from the Canadian Forces will be deployed to Mali later this year, but Conservatives in Ottawa are concerned about how little transparency has been given on this issue. According to... Read more »

Ontario Announces New Controversial Budget

The Liberal government of Ontario recently announced a new controversial budget for the province. The new budget pumps money into a variety of sectors, including child care, health care, and support for... Read more »

New Report Suggests Saskatchewan is Not Doing Enough for Climate Change

Canada has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030, but a new report shows that Saskatchewan is falling behind on meeting its contribution to this... Read more »

Alexandre Bissonnette Pleads Guilty to Murder Chargers

The man accused of killing six Muslims in a Quebec Mosque in January 2017 has pleaded guilty to all charges. The 28-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette was facing six counts of first-degree murder and... Read more »