The Green Party Win: Canadians Are Too Occupied by Climate Change

The election win for the Green Party in B.C is actually a sign that Canadians are too preoccupied with the issue of the climate change going into the federal election that’s going... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Would Not Decriminalize Amid Opioid Crisis Increase

Donna May has recently said that she will not tolerate a simple nod from politicians, when it comes to the opioid epidemic. She said that opioids had claimed too many lives of... Read more »

Vancouver Students to Skip School for Climate Change: They Marched Holding Signs About Earth

In Vancouver, hundreds of students skipped school and went on the streets in order to draw attention to the threat of climate change. They followed the global Climate Strike movement. The march... Read more »

Saskatchewan’s Highest Court Will Make a Decision in the Carbon Tax Challenge

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal will soon make the first ruling in Canada on Friday. They will decide whether the carbon tax that’s federally imposed is actually constitutional. The Saskatchewan Party government has... Read more »

Flood Support Centres Will Close, Volunteers Won’t Be Needed Anymore Until Further Notice

The emergency measures that were put in place in order to deal with the spring’s major flooding are actually being sent away, due to the water level that has peaked, and have... Read more »

Blockchain: Canadian Banks Are Using a New Software to Verify Your Identity

There’s a new structure on the internet that shows the concept of blockchain technology, with hexadecimal data inside each and every block. This image takes part in the domain of IT, cyberspace,... Read more »

Canada Under Water: 9500 People Were Forced to Leave Their Homes

Many people from Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick will see more days of flooding, due to the water rise to new levels in some of the regions, and recede in others. Volunteers... Read more »

Salmonella Outbreak in Canada: Was It Because of Frozen Cream Puffs and Chocolate Eclairs from Celebrate?

We have recently heard that a salmonella outbreak has sickened more than 80 people in Canada. They may have found the source: frozen pastries. The sickness started in 2018 Many chocolate eclairs... Read more »

Possibility Of Major Flooding From Ontario To New Brunswick

This Easter might prove to be a difficult one for residents from Ontario to New Brunswick. uebec Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault made an announcement on Friday, warning people that heavy rains... Read more »

Trudeau Defends Himself After Wilson-Raybould and Philpott Insist They Were Right

Justin Trudeau is defending his feminist perspectives, while two female he practically removed from the Liberal group said they have no regrets about standing up to the prime minister. Trudeau has announced... Read more »