Government looking at ways to improve Extradition Act due to Diab case

Extradition has always been a touchy subject, but Hassan Diab’s case shows that the current extradition act in Canada is not performing as it should. Hassan Diab languished in a French prison... Read more »

Cdn-born Israeli MP espouses gender equality, pro-pot and LGBTQ agenda

OTTAWA — In a year when the Harvey Weinstein scandal enabled women to uncloak years of unspoken sexual misconduct by prominent men, Toronto-born Sharren Haskel recalls the moment when she found her... Read more »

Trudeau faces far right protesters on Quebec City tour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his recent tour is to help him escape the ‘Ottawa bubble’, however he may be getting more than he bargained for. The PM was holding a... Read more »

Workers shouldn’t be used as ‘pawns’ in minimum wage fight: Wynne

TORONTO — Ontario’s premier is double-doubling down on her criticism of Tim Hortons franchisees who cut worker benefits amid the province’s minimum wage hike, saying a couple that own a trio of... Read more »

Ottawa Doctor Charged For Voyeurism And Sexual Assault

Dr. Vincent Nadon has been charged with voyeurism and sexual assault after one of his patients was victimized and launched a complaint. According to the authorities, 56 year old Nadon was practicing... Read more »

Lac-Megantic accused all acquitted on Day 9 of jury deliberations

SHERBROOKE, Que. — The three men charged in the Lac-Megantic railway disaster have all been found not guilty of criminal negligence causing the death of 47 people. The jurors reached the verdict... Read more »

What Will Happen To The Alleged Aides Of Dalton McGuinty?

Dalton McGunity’s political aides were accused of erasing the virtual documents in an assumed attempt of concealing important data about the Liberal Government’s elimination of the two gas-fired power plants. Both the... Read more »

Trudeau visit: Chief of Ontario reserve says housing shortage worse than ever

PIKANGIKUM, Ont. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting a remote northwestern Ontario reserve where the chief says a shortage of housing is still a big problem. Dean Owen of Pikangikum First... Read more »

Tim Hortons Speaks: Do NOT Vote for the Liberals!

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the passing of the “Fair Workplaces Act’ (Bill 148). According to this new bill, the Team Members are liable for a mandatory, significant raise in their salaries.... Read more »

Donald Trump aces mental aptitude test designed by an immigrant to Canada

WASHINGTON — When the White House released the results of a test on Donald Trump’s mental aptitude Tuesday, showing he aced it without signs of cognitive decline, there was one person out... Read more »