Five Campaign Promises Trudeau Failed to Keep

Justin Trudeau may look like a former member of a 90’s boy band, but the man can’t keep a promise. During his election campaign, he made a variety of promises. He kept... Read more »

Quebec Could Turn Conservative Thanks to Trudeau’s Shaky Mandate

After the 2015 election, Conservatives in Canada were pleasantly surprised with the gains made in Quebec. Conservative votes and representation in this province have been certainly modest since the Brian Mulroney era,... Read more »

Justin Trudeau: Liberal he aint!

Canada, the poor cousin of America, the land of polar bears, ice hockey fights, and the home to an evil radical liberal prime minister named Justin Trudeau, who also happens to run... Read more »

Amidst Falling Approval Rates, PM Trudeau Defends New Arms Deal

Good looks and a youthful demeanor cannot shield Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from the harsh reality of public opinion polls. According to a longitudinal survey conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, the... Read more »

Homeless and unemployed may have to wait as Ontario announces more aid to immigrants

The hits keep coming for homeless and unemployed people in Ontario, desperate to find a place to live or work. With about 12,000 people in Ontario homeless each night and hundreds of thousands... Read more »

Police seek public assistance to find Ronjot Singh Dhami for vicious assault

A Canada warrant has been issued for 25-year-old Ronjot Singh Dhami and two others who were with him for a vicious assault on autistic man in Mississauga, Ontario. The incident happened on... Read more »

It may be time to bring the Military in to the Kinder Morgan protest

Some people on social media are entertaining the idea of bringing military personal in to the Kinder Morgan protest. Radical protesters say they are prepared to go to jail to prevent construction... Read more »

Wynne takes a cruel swing at white voters in latest provincial election campaign push

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne must sense she’s losing in the current Ontario election campaign. She’s now picking a familiar target, the same target her federal counterpart Justin Trudeau attacks regularly – the... Read more »

Alberta and Saskatchewan would be mostly responsible for Trudeau’s loss if an election were held tomorrow

The latest Angus Reid poll shows Justin Trudeau has the least support in Alberta and Saskatchewan respectively. A whooping 67 per cent of Albertans would vote conservative if an election were held tomorrow,... Read more »

Instead of pledging to deport dangerous criminals from Canada, Ralph Goodale blames Harper

Ralph Goodale could have used the opportunity today in the House of Commons to pledge the removal of dangerous criminals from Canada, but he decided to go on the attack and blame... Read more »