Police Investigates a Fight Between a Cyclist and a Drive

Police are now working on an investigation. It is about a caught-on-camera assault committed by a cyclist in Toronto.   There’s a 21-second video which shows the incident. It was posted on Thursday night, on... Read more »

A Heat Wave with Thunderstorms Has Hit Canada. What’s Next?

As we all probably know already, there was a severe thunderstorm in Canada. It came as a warning of the lousy weather mix for the country’s capital. The heat wave entered on... Read more »

The Largest Human Maple Leaf Record Broken in Ontario

About 4000 people took part in a great even for Canada. These people took part in forming a maple leaf in a park from Trenton, Ontario. This happened on Saturday. All the... Read more »

Canada Day Celebrations: Why the First 12 Years Were Not Recognized

Many people see the 1st of July as being Canada Day. Others see it as Dominion Day. Some ignore it whatsoever, just like those who refuse to celebrate the country at all.... Read more »

China Is Not Pleased with the Canadian Meat Exports. What Happened?

Officials from Canada are presently leading an investigation after the Chinese inspectors stated they discovered residue from restricted feed additives in pork products.   Apparently, they discovered ractopamine, which is forbidden in China.... Read more »

Trudeau Barely Talked with the Chinese President Xi Jinping at G20

Canada did very well when it made a “broad international coalition” of those countries which support Canada, and also believe that arbitrary detentions are not suitable for the country. This comes from Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland. She spoke... Read more »

Vaping Has Met Its Popularity in Canadian Teens

New research has shown that vaping among teens from Canada got up to 74% in one year. The big brands of e-cigs are gaining fame, and, also, a foothold. This situation can... Read more »

Zuckerberg and Sandberg Could Be Found in Contempt of Parliament. Here’s Why

The Canadian MPs are giving warnings. Facebook’s top officials were asked to testify in Ottawa this week. However they keep ignoring it. For this, they could be found in contempt of Parliament.... Read more »

A 16-Year-Old Male Driver Died in Horrific Car Crash in Scarborough

A horrific car crash took place in northwest Scarborough, on Friday. It all happened to a kid, who was speeding and who did not have all the ideal driving conditions. He died,... Read more »

The Green Party Win: Canadians Are Too Occupied by Climate Change

The election win for the Green Party in B.C is actually a sign that Canadians are too preoccupied with the issue of the climate change going into the federal election that’s going... Read more »