Trudeau won’t accept responsibility after India punishes Canada by increasing tariffs on chickpeas

Just recently India has raised raise tariffs on chickpeas from Canada to 60 per cent, up from 40 per cent. The increased tariffs caused a stir in the House of Commons yesterday... Read more »

U.S. fires first shot in all-out trade war

You had to see it coming. Donald Trump threatened to rip up all the U.S. free trade deals during his election campaign. So Thursday’s announcement that the U.S. president is planning to... Read more »

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) opens today

“As in the fourth round, all applications for medium and large funding projects will have to demonstrate that they have an added monetization component to the idea presented. These projects should show indicators... Read more »

Sweetheart Shows Off New Stable Home

Net worth rises to over 120k a year, and she welcomes new baby boy! Sweetheart joins the ranks of famous celebrities who have been given the status of Doctor. Sweetheart recently was... Read more »

US Steel Tariffs Could Hurt More Than One Country

The new US steel tariffs could hurt more than one country and not just China. The heavy tariffs imposed by the US on import of steel will have a trickle down effect... Read more »

Trunidad Drilling may be going up for sale, thanks to Government policies says CEO

Calgary based drilling company Trinidad Drilling is looking at options to move their company to the US, or possibly sell the company. Drilling companies like Trinidad Drilling created thousands of jobs mostly... Read more »

Trudeau announces two-way investment deal with India worth $1 billion

MUMBAI, India — Some of India’s biggest companies say they will invest more than $250 million in Canada, in everything from pulp mills to pharmaceuticals and the IT sector. Canadian companies, meanwhile,... Read more »

Is The Current Cash In Bank Asya Supporting Terrorism?

The Asya bank was once a prominent bank in Turkey but not anymore. However, in recent reports, it has been revealed that the Supreme Court Of Appeals in Turkey has ruled the... Read more »

Goldman Sachs Warns About US Interest Rates And Debt

In recent news, Goldman Sachs has warned the United States of possible increases in not just interest rates, but believes that the country will face high debt levels as well. Moreover, the... Read more »

Cities of Canada with the highest rents

If you are in Toronto and are looking to rent a home, you may not like this news very well. The Padmapper website published its report on the value of rents throughout... Read more »