Housing Authorities Videos for HUD Compliance

This applies to all landlords. Delivering the “Orientation” video to all your move-in’s assures a consistent message, which also would assist in a possible defense of a Fair Housing complaint. This guarantees... Read more »

Canada’s beer can’t roam free after Supreme Court decision

In a country where people from foreign lands can merely walk across our border into the welcoming arms of the RCMP and live happily ever after, Canadians can’t even have the freedom... Read more »

Veteran Global AI Leader Dongyan Wang Joins DeepBrain Chain as Chief AI Officer, Executive VP of Silicon Valley Research Center

DeepBrain Chain(www.deepbrainchain.org), the world’s first Artificial Intelligence computing platform powered by blockchain has announced today that it has proudly recruited Dr. Dongyan Wang, a well-known veteran global AI leader in Silicon Valley... Read more »

ARYEH LEIB HURWITZ – an amazing Brooklyn-based singer and cantor

Aryeh Leib Hurwitz is a Brooklyn-based singer and cantor whose brilliant voice has been featured all over the world. His repertoire consists of many different melodic genres and songs in a variety... Read more »

Majestic Oil and Gas producer in Lousiana has been running in the USA since 1992

A statement by MajesticOilandGas.info: We are expert in oil and gas, professional team, fully equipment and extensive documents of 2800 oil wells. We are happy to announce that we reserve up to... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg releases statement on Cambridge Analytica situation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg broke his silence today after losing $9 Billion personal net worth following a scandal that Cambridge Analytica failed to destroy information of 50 million accounts. Zuckerberg released the following statement... Read more »

Saudi Arabia will receive ‘heavy assault’ vehicles from Canada’s arms deal

A arms deal with Saudi Arabia signed by former prime minister Stephen Harper in 2014 and further pushed by Justin Trudeau in 2016 will include a line of heavy assault vehicles, and... Read more »

Facebook to lose $23.8 billion market value after data breach

50 million Facebook accounts could have been breached according to new reports. The move forced a drop of 6.8 percent on Facebook shares and a loss of $23.8 billion in market value.... Read more »

Screen.Lighting – the most reliable flashlight ever

A new crowdfunding campaign on the platform indiegogo aims to fund the development of the best ever portable and rechargeable flashlight. The flashlight is the so-called “Screen.Lighting”. This flashlight is for those... Read more »

United States Allies Challenge Trump With New Trade Deal

Eleven nations, including Japan Canada and Australia all, signed a broad trade deal on Thursday in Santiago. It covers over 500 million people on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and represents... Read more »