United States Allies Challenge Trump With New Trade Deal

Eleven nations, including Japan Canada and Australia all, signed a broad trade deal on Thursday in Santiago. It covers over 500 million people on both sides of the Pacific Ocean and represents... Read more »

Canada Exempt From New U.S. Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

United States President Donald Trump signed his two tariffs on Thursday, surrounded by workers. “A strong steel and aluminum industry is vital to our national security, absolutely vital. Steel is steel, you... Read more »

U.S Energy Secretary Rick Perry Concerned About Relationship with Mexico and Canada

With NAFTA discussions set to start back up again soon, United States Energy Secretary Rick Perry is concerned that the relationships between the countries could become “uncomfortable”, especially with President Trump’s new... Read more »

Canada finds itself in the middle of a circus as NAFTA discussions take strange new turn

U.S. President Donald Trump delayed imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico Thursday, but don’t think for a minute that’s the end of it. “American companies haven’t been treated... Read more »

Canada, Mexico getting indefinite relief from U.S. steel, aluminum tariffs

WASHINGTON — Canada can breathe easier, for now: It’s getting relief from U.S. tariffs for an undetermined period. U.S. President Donald Trump is signing proclamations hammering global steel and aluminum imports with... Read more »

Portugal has the highest earnings gap within European Union (EU)

According to the EU statistics office, between 2011 and 2016, the gender pay gap in Portugal increased by 4.6%, standing at 17.5% in 2016, down just 0.3%  of the previous year. Portugal... Read more »

Trudeau Contacts Trump to Discuss Steel Tariffs

United States President Donald Trump received a call from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday night to discuss the new tariffs on imports of aluminum and steel. Trudeau and Trump spoke about... Read more »

Why did Trump say that Canada mistreats United States Farmers? 

The President of the United States, Donald Trump took to Twitter again on Monday and in a series of tweets discussing the new aluminum and steel tariffs, he criticised NAFTA and said... Read more »

Canada Probably Won’t be Excluded from Aluminum, Steel Tariffs

The Trump administration’s new steel and aluminum tariffs were all that anyone was talking about on political talk-shows over the weekend. With the administration getting ready to make a final announcement this... Read more »

Kenney threatens to limit flow of oil to B.C., and put toll on natural gas

VANCOUVER — Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Opposition leader and candidate for premier, says his government would ensure “serious consequences” for British Columbia if it blocks the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Kenney said Monday... Read more »