Ontario College Announces Strike Following Unsuccessful Negotiations

Over 12,000 members from the faculties of 24 public colleges in Ontario announced strike on Monday. The announcement came following the failure of negotiations between the faculty union and representative group of... Read more »

Trudeau in 2015 “Liberals balance budgets. That’s what history has shown”

Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign seems like a lie two years later. Trudeau needed to say what he did to potentially win, his campaign started with lies and ended with lies, his... Read more »

Sears Canada is set to expire for good January 2018

Sears Canada Inc. is heading towards liquidation. The company is set to begin its liquidation sales soon, but before that it has to close down the 131 Sears stores across Canada, laying... Read more »

Trudeau negotiating with Trump at NAFA turns sour

Things turned sour as the fourth round of talks to rehash NAFTA was held near Washington. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto are committed to reaching a... Read more »

Is Boeing Committed to screwing Canadians because of Bombardier

The US-based aerospace titan Boeing is now trying hard to resuscitate its tarnished reputation in Canada after they filed a trade complaint against Bombardier – their Canadian adversary. The Canadians however, responded... Read more »

Trudeau’s “Let me be blunt: we are not going to tax anyone’s employee discounts.”

It took Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a few days to make a statement on the CRA employee discount proposal. Let me be blunt: we are not going to tax anyone's employee discounts.... Read more »

Does Canada have enough gun laws?

The tragic shooting rampage that took place in Las Vegas over the past weekend has once again sparked the debate over gun control in the US Parliament. Additionally, the recurrence of these... Read more »

Medicine Hat Mayor: “The mayor of Montreal is a moron”

The Mayor of Medicine Hat had some harsh words for anti-Pipeline Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. Coderre told reporters the cancellation of the Energy Easy project is a victory. “I’ve been saying since... Read more »

Trudeau creates better economic growth outside Canada

Justin Trudeau’s recent tax proposals on hard working Canadians have caused some of their “biggest key players” – those with the most affluence, business and strategy – to leave the country in... Read more »

Warning signs show Canada could be heading towards Recession

Canada’s credit-to-GDP is over 11, which is usually a critical sign of oncoming recessions. Canada is third on the list indicating warnings of stress in domestic banking systems, Interests rates are rising... Read more »