Budget reveals $19 billion Deficit

The Liberal government on Tuesday, revealed the country’s budget deficit, which turned out to be smaller than the forecasted amount. However, there no projection of restoring the deficit within the next five... Read more »

Bill 40 will be repealed says Brad Wall

Bill 40 was passed by the Saskatchewan government in April of this year, the Bill would allow 49 per cent of the province’s Crown corporations to be sold without requiring a vote from... Read more »

Trudeau: Never before has the world been so interconnected

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement today on United Nations Day. Trudeau has been an active promoter on climate change, here’s what he had to say: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today... Read more »

Consul General of Canada Takes the Duluth Chamber Dinner Opportunity to Promote Free Trade

Consul General Canada in Minneapolis took the opportunity at the annual dinner of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to highlight the strength and shared values of the Canada-US partnership. Khawar Nasim,... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh gives oilfield workers and their families the middle finger

New NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has some balls. Recently the National Observer sat down with Jagmeet Singh for a interview about oilfield jobs and the future of their careers. Singh says oilfield... Read more »

Canada’s Bombardier Enters Deal with Airbus amid the Mess of US Trade Dispute

While the US trade dispute continues, Airbus has agreed to hold majority stake in the C-series airliner programme launched by Bombardier. The decision came on Monday. Although Bombardier is still battling the... Read more »

Ontario College Announces Strike Following Unsuccessful Negotiations

Over 12,000 members from the faculties of 24 public colleges in Ontario announced strike on Monday. The announcement came following the failure of negotiations between the faculty union and representative group of... Read more »

Trudeau in 2015 “Liberals balance budgets. That’s what history has shown”

Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign seems like a lie two years later. Trudeau needed to say what he did to potentially win, his campaign started with lies and ended with lies, his... Read more »

Sears Canada is set to expire for good January 2018

Sears Canada Inc. is heading towards liquidation. The company is set to begin its liquidation sales soon, but before that it has to close down the 131 Sears stores across Canada, laying... Read more »

Trudeau negotiating with Trump at NAFA turns sour

Things turned sour as the fourth round of talks to rehash NAFTA was held near Washington. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto are committed to reaching a... Read more »