Zuckerberg and Sandberg Could Be Found in Contempt of Parliament. Here’s Why

The Canadian MPs are giving warnings. Facebook’s top officials were asked to testify in Ottawa this week. However they keep ignoring it. For this, they could be found in contempt of Parliament.... Read more »

The Green Party Win: Canadians Are Too Occupied by Climate Change

The election win for the Green Party in B.C is actually a sign that Canadians are too preoccupied with the issue of the climate change going into the federal election that’s going... Read more »

Calgary Electricity Retailer Wants the Government to Repair the Power Market

Jason Kenney’s government is being pressured to cancel the huge overhaul of the power market of Alberta, which makes that one player say that will spike costs by hundreds of millions of... Read more »

Saskatchewan’s Highest Court Will Make a Decision in the Carbon Tax Challenge

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal will soon make the first ruling in Canada on Friday. They will decide whether the carbon tax that’s federally imposed is actually constitutional. The Saskatchewan Party government has... Read more »

Oil Prices Fell and the U.S Output Inventories Reach a New Record

It seems that the oil prices fell on Thursday, and this led to a surge in inventories. The Brent crude oil cost $71.57 for every barrel at 0837 GMT, which is with... Read more »

Blockchain: Canadian Banks Are Using a New Software to Verify Your Identity

There’s a new structure on the internet that shows the concept of blockchain technology, with hexadecimal data inside each and every block. This image takes part in the domain of IT, cyberspace,... Read more »

​PayPal Credit Can Now Be Used on Amazon​

PayPal has now been accepted as a payment method on Amazon. The payment method is one of the most vastly used, as it allows you to acquire products from all over the... Read more »

Budget Tesla Model 3 Costs $35,000 – What’s This Electric Car Offering For That Money

A long time ago, Elon Musk promised that a budget Tesla Model 3 would come out. That finally happened yesterday when Musk’s company revealed the new Tesla Model 3 and its price... Read more »

Rhega Gordon Was Named Chief Financial Officer for Nasa. Who Is Rhega Gordon?

NASA has recently announced the appointment of Rhega Gordon as the center chief financial officer for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, that’s placed in Huntsville, Alabama. Gordon will have to oversee the... Read more »

Barrick Gold Keeps Trying to Acquire Newmont Mining Corp

After years of laying low, gold industry begins growing and deals are still waiting to be made. Barrick’s acquisition of Randgold Resources was just a month ago – and for well over... Read more »