Zuckerberg and Sandberg Could Be Found in Contempt of Parliament. Here’s Why

The Canadian MPs are giving warnings. Facebook’s top officials were asked to testify in Ottawa this week. However they keep ignoring it. For this, they could be found in contempt of Parliament. The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the chief operating officer, whose name is Sheryl Sandberg confirmed that they would not attend it.

The House of Commons’s privacy and ethics committee, together with officials elected from all around the globe will discuss the issue of data collection, the issue of the privacy online, the democracy and they will question witnesses. The committee had given invitations to many huge companies, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook. But it was earlier this month, when the committee voted in order to subpoena Zuckerberg and Sandberg: they want these two to appear as witnesses.

One of the insiders from Facebook Canada stated that Kevin Chan, who is the head of public policy, and Neil Potts, who is the director of public policy for Facebook would come as witnesses. It has been said that they will answer all the questions that the committee has for them.

Bob Zimmer, from the Conservatives, said that the ethics committee has discussed this issue. They could find both Zuckerberg and Sandberg in contempt of Parliament – only if they continue to ignore the summons of the committee. Zimmer said that it might not be a good impression from Zuckerberg and Sandberg not to come, and blow off about 36 million of people. Zimmer is also the chair of the Commons committee. They want them to show up and answer the questions.

What happens if they don’t go?

Instead, if they decided not to do that, the committee would then have to vote on a motion, that would recommend a contempt finding. This, before it goes to the House of Commons for a vote.


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