Why are people in Quebec buying wine from British Columbia?

One of the disadvantages – or advantages, depending on how you see it of Canadian federalism, is that it gives a lot of power to the different provinces.

And with power come conflicts.
The most recent case may even make you laugh at the particularity of the case.

Alberta announced on Tuesday that it was suspending all wine imports from its neighboring province, British Columbia. The government measure of Rachel Notley was in retaliation for the actions that the local government has taken to block the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline of Kinder Morgan.

This project seeks to take the oil from Alberta to the west coast of the country, to be exported.

However, British Columbia has blocked the construction claiming that the environmental risks are very high.

“The wine industry is very important for British Columbia , not as important as the energy industry for Alberta and Canada, but it is important,” Prime Minister said during a press conference to justify the trade measure.

According to the Alberta government, 17.2 million bottles of wine were imported from its neighboring province in 2017.

Many find the measure somewhat paradoxical, taking into account that it comes from a prime minister of the NPD, a party that at the national level is located to the left of the political spectrum.

Quebec gets involved

To continue the small war between regions, a movement of solidarity was born in Quebec towards British Columbia.

Activists of environmental groups in the Belle Province called to support their West Coast compatriots, inviting everyone to buy wine from British Columbia.

The hash-tag #QCLovesBCwine appeared on social networks .

On Twitter there are several activists and ordinary citizens who have accepted the challenge of buying a bottle from the Canadian west, as a way to show their support for British Columbia and the rejection of the construction of the pipelines.

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