What Will Happen To The Alleged Aides Of Dalton McGuinty?

Dalton McGunity’s political aides were accused of erasing the virtual documents in an assumed attempt of concealing important data about the Liberal Government’s elimination of the two gas-fired power plants.

Both the aides of the former premier of Ontario, Laura Miller and David Livingston, are charged for an uncertified use of the computer system. In 2013, just before Premier Kathleen Wynne overtook the position, Livingston acquired some exclusive administrative password that allowed him an admission into the computers of the office.

As testified, the password was handed over to Miller’s spouse, Peter Faist who is an IT specialist and was ineligible for having the custody of the passwords since he did not work for the government.

Faist confirmed in the trial that he used the password to wipe off around 20 hard drives of data and information and was paid a $10,000 worth of amount by the Liberal Caucus.

It was still unknown whether this data wipe off was carried out to simply clean the unimportant files or if it was an attempt to eliminate highly valuable governmental data that was supposed to be saved.

The judge, after investigation, released a statement regarding the cases, calling them an attempted mischief.
Based on this trial, The Ontario PC Party has been calling shots against Wynne’s government, claiming that the Ontario Liberal Party is in fact corrupt.

As for now, the Federal Crown Lawyers continuing investigations on the cases against both, Miller and Livingston. Both the alleged culprits were moved in by Ontario’s Attorney General to avoid any further contradictions in terms of interests.
However, the Defense Lawyers have failed to come to any concrete conclusion on the Crown’s case due to a lack of solid evidence.

As of now, Justice Timothy Lipson is due over the trial without the presence of a jury. Matters are yet to be decided.

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