What does Canada think about Maduro?

The Canadian government defended Peru’s decision not to invite Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to the 8th Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima on April 13th and 14th.

The Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who attended the Lima Group meeting on the Venezuelan crisis in the Peruvian capital, said in a statement: “Canada fully supports the announcement of Peru, as host of the Summit of the Americas, of not inviting Nicolas Maduro, who has demonstrated a flagrant disregard for democracy, the cornerstone of the Declaration of Quebec signed by Venezuela in 2001. ”

She added: “His regime is committing abuses against human rights and refuses to allow humanitarian aid that is necessary for the people of Venezuela.”

The minister stressed that Maduro’s participation in the summit of continental leaders would have been a sham. Canada also reiterated its support for the declaration of the Lima Group; He demanded free presidential elections, a clear electoral timetable, the participation of international observers and that all political activists can compete.


Emilio Figueredo, Venezuela’s former ambassador to the UN, said that this decision puts the government in a complicated scenario: “It is a situation that puts the government at a crossroads, ratifying what the foreign ministers presented at the meetings in Santo Domingo.”

Figueredo assured that there are two essential points: “First, the clear and unequivocal discourse that the decisions of the constituent assembly are illegitimate and will not be recognised and, secondly, these early elections will not be recognised by the international community.” He stressed that the international community has only one speech. “This is no longer seen as a problem for Venezuelans.”

The expert said that the “group will maintain this position” and if any member of the opposition maintains the idea of ​​participating in the elections on April 22nd, will not be accepted. “The international community is not going to recognise these elections because they are contradictory with what was held in Santo Domingo and with what they say in Lima.”

The internationalist Oscar Hernandez asserted that the call of the international community to the Venezuelan government is strong for the democratic course to return: “The world sees that the government effectively called for presidential elections that are unconstitutional and undemocratic.”

Venezuela’s mission to the Organisation of American States accused the United States and its “regional subordinates” of being behind the decision adopted by the government of Peru, not to invite President Nicolas Maduro to the VIII Summit.

“Venezuela demands the immediate end of all aggression’s and threats of the US regime and its subordinate countries against our people and reiterates that it is a free and sovereign country,” said the Venezuelan representative to the OAS.

The protest was presented using the points assigned to other matters on the agenda of the regular meeting of the Permanent Council held at the headquarters of the organisation, in Washington, so it was not recorded in the official minutes of the meeting.

Collect signatures

A group of members of the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy gathered 10,000 signatures to ask the Chilean government to cancel the invitation to the presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and of Cuba, Raul Castro, to the inauguration next March 11th.

“The constant abuses of Maduro and Castro of human rights of our brothers, the serious situation of shortages of food and medicine are some of the causes to consider, and that these characters do not deserve to be invited,” they said in a statement broadcast on social networks by those that brings together political and social movements of young people in 19 Latin American countries.

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