WATCH: Justin Trudeau bragging his company won’t be affected by new tax changes

According to Andrew Scheer Justin Trudeau seems to be bragging that his company won’t be affected by the proposed tax changes.

Trudeau owns his own company and co-owns another one, information not known by many people, the companies have been paying him dividends reported CBC.

Trudeau owns 7664699 Canada Inc., which he has put in a blind trust during his time as prime minister but which has also been paying him dividends. His brother Alexandre also has a private corporation, 7664737 Canada Inc.

Trudeau said he won’t be impacted by the tax changes he’s trying to impose, but conservative leader Andrew Scheer asked how it’s fair that the PM brags about it.

Has Trudeau’s hypocrisy reached a new level and how will this affect him?

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Meagan Kozlovs

About the Author: Meagan Kozlovs

Meagan Kozlovs is a reporter for Debate Report. She’s worked and interned at Global News Toronto  and CHECX. Megan is based in Toronto and covers issues affecting her city. In addition to her severe milk shake addiction, she’s a Netflix enthusiast, a red wine drinker, and a voracious reader.


  1. The only thing that will change the negative impact this so called leader of the liberal party, Justin Trudeau, is his removal from power.
    That will take place in the next election.

  2. This dirty low life we refer to as pm is making rules that apply to everyone but himself

    time to remove him he isn’t working for Canadian he there for himself and his rich friends and Islam

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