Venezuelan president says Trudeau Government is “Stupid Government”

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro lashed out at Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump.

The United States criticized Maduro back in July and recently made changes that affected the Venezuelan president.

“President Donald Trump, I am not a dictator. The Venezuelan people would not accept a dictator. I am a humble man, a worker, not a tycoon,” said Maduro.

The Canadian government agreed with the United States and questioned the validly of the Venezuelan election system, president Nicolas Maduro slammed the Canadian for that.

“There goes the stupid government of Canada saying that they don’t recognize the elections. It is of little importance to me if Canada recognizes or not Venezuela. We recognize them and we are independent and sovereign. What does it matter to me if Canada, say what it says, insolent government, stupid government of Canada. What does it matter to me, stupid government of Canada,” he said.

The Venezuelan election system has been criticized for being corrupt and possibly rigged.


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Meagan Kozlovs

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