Vancouver Goes OVERBOARD With Regulation – Private Citizens Fail To Earn Extra Money

The city of Vancouver is known for it’s tendency to go overboard on policies meant to force liberal politics on the people and to destroy individual freedoms.

Well, Vancouver has done it again – at your expense. Shoving new regulations through on September 1st, citizens of Vancouver now need a license (a $49 per year expense!) to rent out their residences for short-term rentals.

Once again the city of Vancouver has decided how your money should be made and spent to satisfy their own needs and desire for a global economy.

What effect do these new regulations have? For starters, the popular service known as AirB’n’B (think of the commercials) can no longer operate as largely in Vancouver as they once did.

Any homeowners in Vancouver now have to apply and pay for this new licence, and it’s a safe bet that many of them won’t! Vancouver being the popular destination that it is, this regulation has the potential to kill AirB’n’B in Canada. Sounds like Vancouver isn’t as “progressive” as they claim!

Furthermore, this has lasting ramifications on everyone. More unnecessary regulation by the government sets yet another precedent for Vancouver to regulate whatever they feel like, and for the other cities and provinces to follow suit. Now the citizens of Vancouver can’t make extra money by renting out their home to whoever they’d like without first ponying up and paying for a license.

Where does it end? For Vancouver, it certainly won’t be with renting.

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Emmy Skylar

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