Trump Rejects Trudeau’s Call for One-on-One Meeting on NAFTA

Well, Justin Trudeau did approach Donald Trump for a one-on-one meeting on NAFTA during the General Assembly Meeting of the United Nations, but Trump denied his offer and opted otherwise. This was reported to the media by Donald Trump himself. Trump says that Trudeau walked to him for a meeting, but he was in no mood to accommodate his concerns, which is why he mentioned, ‘forget about it,’ to the Canadian premier.

Trump talked about him giving Trudeau a cold shoulder while speaking to a freewheeling press conference held in New York on Wednesday. Trump says he doesn’t agree with the tariffs imposed by Justin Trudeau and his nations on American Dairy, and since they are not willing to let go of these rates, the United States too will stand tall. He also mentioned that his administration had discussed the possibility of slapping tariffs on all Canadian auto imports. If Canada does not compromise on their inflated dairy tariffs, America too will retaliate with tariffs on their auto imports.

We’re very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada — we don’t like their representative very much,” said Trump probably referring to Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, while speaking to the media. He also mentioned, “I love Canada by the way, I have so many friends, I have everybody and so many friends, but that has nothing to do with this.

Canada, however, was quick to deny having a meeting fixed with Trump. The Prime Minister’s office reported that there was no such meeting on the cards and they’re hearing of it for the first time.

Trump also talked about Mexican negotiators being great and showed his displeasure towards Canadian representatives by endorsing Mexico. “They were great,” Trump said while talking about Mexican Negotiators.

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