Trudeau’s comments on Boushie verdict suggests Canadian justice system is wrong

According to the Prime Minister, the Canadian justice system may be wrong.

56-year-old Gerald Stanley was accused of second-degree murder of a twenty two year old man – Colten Boushie in August, 2016.

Stanley provided a vague assertion that the gun accidently went off, killing Boushie. The Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench jury recently announced its verdict claiming Stanley as not guilty.

After the announcement there was noticeable shock among hearers who diligently wanted justice for the murder of an innocent boy. This is apparent by the fact that many people in the courtroom yelled “murderer!” after a few seconds of announcing Gerald Stanley not guilty.

The Boushie family met with Trudeau today to discuss the justice system and they believe Trudeau will “fix it” suggesting the system is wrong.

The family also said Trudeau promised ‘concrete changes’ also meaning something is wrong with the system.

Canadian ministers offered their deep condolences to the family of Colten Boushie through their Twitter posts, and also said that Canada should “do better” in terms of its justice in future.

For instance, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould on Twitter said that as a country we ought ‘’to do better” and promised that she is “committed” to do everything she can to provide justice to all Canadians.

Also, Justin Trudeau shared similar views, and said that as a nation Canada has faced such scenarios too many times and serious steps should be taken to make the justice system fair and better.

So is the Canadian justice system wrong? Time will tell.


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