Trudeau’s caterpillar eyebrows may not be fake

You’ve likely seen Justin Trudeau’s face in the news a lot.

The 23rd Canadian Prime Minister has been featured in numerous articles about tariffs and the G7 conference.

If you’ve seen his face, then you’ve probably also seen his eyebrows. Who could miss them?

Some pictures make it appear that Justin Trudeau’s eyebrow appears to be falling off. More pictures began to surface, and the Internet jumped on “eyebrowgate”.

Twitter exploded with memes about fake eyebrows and Justin Trudeau’s face was right in the middle of it.

Political scandals are common in this day and age – but the Canadian Prime Minister’s fake eyebrows may be the best yet.

All of this is very embarrassing for Canada. Everyone wants their country to be represented by the best (looking) people. Justin Trudeau is a dignified, well-groomed man, with a nice head of hair and kind eyes. But, in a day and age when people put intense work into eyebrow maintenance, it seems strange to see escaped caterpillars for eyebrows, especially on a political figurehead.

Mercifully, not everyone on Twitter mocked poor Trudeau. A Canadian journalist named Sean Craig jumped to the Prime Minister’s defense with a detailed eyebrow analysis.

The reporter pointed out the eyebrow’s anatomy, declaring that it “grows thicker on the bottom” than the upper part of the eyebrow.

This lopsided growth creates the illusion that the eyebrow is falling off, especially from far away. It’s not a fake eyebrow – it’s just a strange one.

It might be nice if Trudeau considered plucking before representing Canada on the world stage, and especially before the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump.


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About the Author: Galina Kozlovs

Galina is a freelance writer who has experience writing in the digital world for 4 years when she quit her job, her interests in current world affairs gave her the drive to pursue a career in journalism before retiring. Galina originates from Russia, lived in Canada for a short time between 2011 and 2013, then moved to New York to pursue her career.