Trudeau’s Bahamas trip cost $80,000 more than first disclosed

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas cost taxpayers way more than first disclosed to Parliament.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Trudeau’s controversial family vacation cost taxpayers over $127,000, according to documents listed in the House of Commons.

CBC learned with the Access to Information Act on Wednesday that the actual cost was over $215,000.

Justin Trudeau is under investigation by the ethnics commissioner on his family trip to the Aga Khan’s private island in which he was violating the Conflict of Interest Act by the use of Khan’s private helicopter and his acceptance of hospitality from a “friend” whose foundation receives millions of dollars in funds from the federal government.

The investigation is still ongoing at this point and for the most part, forgotten.

Most of the expenses not listed first were those of security and RCMP costs, first reported at a total cost of $71,988, the new report shows a number of $153,504.

That’s over $80,000 more than first disclosed.

The new document also said “the Prime Minister did not attend the entirety of the trip” which could mean some of the extra costs were preparation of the trip, training and closing the trip.

One of the excuses for the wrong numbers on the first report was transactions were not completed yet and couldn’t be disclosed to parliament at the time.

The opposition continuously keeps criticizing the trip, with these new reports Justin Trudeau could be asked many more tough questions from Canadians and the media in the near future.

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Emmy Skylar

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  1. Funny, that is almost the same amount of money that the Duffy trial was fought over, except as it turns out all of Duffy’s expenses were 100% legal :/ The Prime Mascot’s expenses are at a minimum disrespectful.

  2. I just wonder how much tax Trudeau pays now and has paid over the years he’s lived from income off his tax- sheltered inheritance? His Christmas vacation should be a taxable benefit? Why- Canadian taxpayers money going to Kahn, family on vacation and he’s not even there! Will MP’s allowances for regional offices paid to family members receive the same revisions as small businesses. MP’s already get a large % of their income tax free! Those who make the rules obviously do not live by the rules they place on all other Canadians. Not to worry though – “the budget will balance itself!”

  3. The Canadian media would not dare ask Justin Trudeau any questions pertaining to the new information. The media are too afraid of the protective ‘liberal brand’ to go after Justin on this issue. Furthermore, Canadians have no idea what the hell is going in their country with the liberal gov running the show which the media and liberals want to keep enforced. In fact, too many Canadians are tired of the romance between the media and the liberal party to believe either of them of their concerns for Canada.

  4. $215,000.00 for a vacation while seniors and children are starving here in a country where nobody should be hungry. Keep giving our money away Mr. gay blade, IvankaTrump needs our $20 million for her women’s crusade, and $20 million is needed for Hillary Clinton foundation, and of course Mr kadhr needs to be paid $ 10 million, ( or was it $8 million?) for something that is the responsibility of the USA not Canada. We are all very rich and can afford to bring in Gay Russians, immigrants from the states, now we will probably have to take in a whole bunch of Irma immigrants, but what the heck, we taxpayers are all very rich some living on $979.90 per month. Pay for your own vacation mr. gay blade and be EQUAL the same as the rest of us, you have raped Canada long enough.

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