Trudeau Threatens Relationship With The U.S.

The dispute over the new U.S.-Mexico trade deal looks set to continue with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau trying to play hardball in the face of conservative criticism.

The NAFTA deal negotiated in 1994 has been a bugbear for the U.S. President since his election campaign kicked off in 2016. Justin Trudeau has seen the Canadian dollar fall on the back of the recently announced trade deal and the failure of the Liberal Government to negotiate a new deal.

After seeing the U.S. and Mexico create a new deal without taking Canada into account, Trudeau has found himself on the outside looking in at Canada’s neighbors in North America.

After listening to the tough talk of President Trump, Trudeau is now looking to play hardball with little room for maneuver as the failure to engage in trade talks has come back to haunt the Liberal leader.

In response to Trump’s tough stance on whether Canada joins the deal or not, Trudeau has incredibly stated he will walk away from a new NAFTA deal unless it meets Canadian needs.

The fall in the value of the Canadian dollar comes at a tough time for Canada and its traditional allies.

Trudeau could find himself stranded without allies as the Conservative leadership of British Prime Minister Teresa May is concentrating on bargaining the Brexit deal with the European Union and President Trump stalls over the closed Canadian farming sector. Trudeau’s Foreign Minister, Crystia Freeland remains in Washington D.C. attempting to negotiate a deal for Canada which will not be helped by the Canadian Prime Minister suddenly deciding to adopt a tough stance with little bargaining power.

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