Trudeau tells Edmonton he won’t be using ‘legislative tricks’ to build Kinder Morgan

Justin Trudeau arrived in Edmonton today to meet with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley after approving anti-pipeline city Vancouver for more than $1 billion to revamp their metro system.

Trudeau talked to the Edmonton radio station CHED and told them he won’t be using any tricks to get Kinder Morgan build, he wants to use a long term strategy.

“Using a legislative trick might be satisfying in the short term, but it would set up fights and uncertainty for investors over the coming years on any other project, because you can’t have a government keep invoking those sorts of things on every given project,” he said.

“People want to know that we are doing things the right way for the long term — that jobs that get started will continue and won’t get stopped by the courts. That’s the change we are focused on making.”

The Prime Minister tried promising Canadians a long time ago that Kinder Morgan start full construction in August 2018, but time has passed and the Federal Court of Appeals shut the project down.

Court said there wasn’t enough consultation was done with Indigenous people and the impact of increased tanker traffic was not properly considered.

Trudeau’s reference to “legislative tricks” is a response to Rachel Notley when she asked for the federal government to appeal the courts decision to shut the project down.

Notley said she’s pulling Alberta out of the federal climate plan change if no immediate appeal is done.

Trudeau is set to meet with Notley this afternoon.

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