Trudeau Says It’s “Almost A Really Good Thing” In Response To Kinder Morgan Being Blocked By Courts

Justin Trudeau seems to want two different outcomes for pipelines, in one speech he wants to move forward with Kinder Morgan and stall it, so which one is it?

The Kinder Morgan pipeline would create over 8,000 jobs for Alberta and Canadian workers for at least two years, but thanks to Justin Trudeau these jobs may be gone.

In an interview with Macleans magazine the Prime Minister said ‘it’s almost a good thing’ when responding to Kinder Morgan being blocked by courts.

Trudeau was asked by Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells if the Federal Government is planning to appeal the courts decision to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline, he responded with the following.

“Anytime you have an issue, you’re going to consider all options. That’s pretty much one of those things that politicians can say and be right and be responsible about. I’ve always said is my preference is to get this done in such a way as not just for this project but for any future energy or infrastructure projects we have a clear path and clarity. And the fact that the Federal Court of Appeals came back with a clear sort of road back and said yes, you did some consultations with Indigenous people but you didn’t quite go far enough, this is what you need to do; and yes, you examined the environmental impacts and the science but you didn’t do this part of it, which you need to do–that’s almost a really good thing. I mean, it’s super frustrating because we much rather would not have had that decision. But having had that decision, they said ‘Okay, if you do these two things, then the approval works.’
We absolutely want to get it done, not to make a profit but because it’s in the national interest to get our oil resources to markets other than the United States because right now we’re totally prisoners of the United States market for our oil resources.
So we say okay, if we do these two things, then we will be able to get it built the right way, and that will provide a path for private corporations and private investors to create projects that will follow those kinds of instructions. So it’s frustrating, but it comes down to the fact that we said we’re going to get these things done right, we’re going to respect the science, we’re going to work with communities, including and especially Indigenous communities, and we’ll grow the economy that way.
And as someone who believes that that’s really the only way to move the economy forward, this is a continued frustrating but, I guess, necessary step along that path.”

Shorty after Andrew Scheer criticized Trudeau for saying this directly affecting 8,000 workers.

“No, Justin. Losing thousands of jobs and billions in investment isn’t a “really good thing.”

Justin Trudeau doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand how important it is for Canadians everywhere that our energy projects succeed.” Sheer said on Twitter.

At the end of the day most Canadians don’t support Justin Trudeau because of his Liberal agenda which is clearly wrong and costing thousands of high paying jobs.

The next election is only one year away and Canadians need to show up to the voting station to have their say, every vote counts.

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