Trudeau Says His “Peoplekind” Comment was a “Dumb Joke” but was it really?

In a Town Hall meeting in Edmonton, a young woman asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a question about volunteer funding for religious parties.

She said that “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the mankind” to which Trudeau criticized the woman’s comment that the word “mankind” should be replaced with “peoplekind”.

According to him, “peoplekind” is more “inclusive”.

Ever since the Prime Minster made that comment, he has been heavily mocked on social media, and talk shows.

For instance, British Commentator -Piers Morgan accused Trudeau of “virtue signaling” which means to gloat your own moral virtues to impress others. In addition to that, many Conservative members lashed out on social media against Trudeau for publicly humiliating the woman.

Trudeau before holding a Liberal caucus meeting on Parliament Hill on 7th Feb told the reporters that he made a “dumb joke” and seriously lacks a good sense of humor.

Trudeau admitted although the comment made sense in the context he was speaking, it didn’t turn out well out of context.

He further affirmed that he should stop making jokes, as they apparently are not funny no matter how much he thinks they actually are.

But was it actually a joke? I don’t think so, Trudeau seemed pretty serious when he interrupted the woman and generated a new work, “peoplekind”.

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Meagan Kozlovs

About the Author: Meagan Kozlovs

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