Trudeau Needs To Stop Tweeting And Start Working Instead

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was busy posting Twitter updates about World Cup matches that Canada will host in 2026, Conservative Member of Parliament James Bezan was calling attention to the situation in Ukraine, a NATO member nation besieged by armed conflict orchestrated by Russia.

MP Bezan is calling on the federal government to provide more concrete support to Ukraine; specifically, Bezan is pushing for an aid package that would include weapons, optics and field medical supplies.

The proposal would include hundreds of machine guns, sniper rifles, antitank rocket launchers, and night vision goggles. Even though Canada has been a firm political ally to the Ukraine government, Bezan thinks that the time has come to provide weaponry and military supplies.

Ever since Russia stole Crimea away from Ukraine in a shadowy 2014 annexation manoeuvre, Canada has provided $24 million worth of aid to Ukraine, mostly in the form of non-lethal supplies. Bezan’s argument is that Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue to meddle in the Donbas region, where rebel militias enjoy surreptitious support from Russian forces, as long as he perceives weakness within Ukrainian army units.

The proposal presented by Bezan would cost more than $9 million, and he thinks that it may encourage PM Trudeau to pay more attention to the Ukraine conflict, particularly at a time when Americans seem to have forgotten about the Ukraine conflict under the mandate of United States President Donald Trump and his strange affinity for the Russian President.

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