Trudeau Liberals Leave Money Meant to Help Veterans Unspent

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have left over $372 million from the federal kitty reserved for helping veterans unspent. This revelation has come only 6 months after an Edmonton town hall where Trudeau stopped asking certain groups for increased veteran welfare.

Trudeau admonished veteran groups who were fighting for improved benefits from the government by saying that these groups were asking for more than what the government is able to give them at the moment.

However, a latest report revealed by a news source has mentioned that Trudeau’s leadership has failed to spend all of the money allotted for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VAC) for all of the last 3 years. This is something that Trudeau had slammed the previous Conservative government and Prime Minister Stephen Harper for.

“[The Conservatives] fired hundreds of front line veteran support staff; they closed nine local service offices, making it harder and harder for veterans to get the support they so badly need. They left unspent more than $1 billion that Parliament allocated for veteran support.

Canadians know that this is wrong. A government led by me would make it right.” said Justin Trudeau, then Liberal Leader, at a veteran-themed campaign stop in August 2015.

The VAC defended these claims by mentioning that the funding for veterans are demand driven. No veteran has been left without aid, and if there is money still left in the kitty, it is because they overestimated demand.

Seamus O’Regan, the current Minister for Veteran Affairs, has defended Trudeau by clearing that they have done ‘no stealing’ under Trudeau.

Much of what we do, in fact, about $4 billion of what we do, is statutory funding,” said O’Regan. “If something happens it means the government must find the money. And that obviously isn’t necessarily something you would find in the accounting books.”

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