Trudeau kills dreams, Arlene Dickinson scolds gov’t for tax changes

Arlene Dickinson has a net worth of around $100 million, she lives in Calgary and has been a role model for many young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the business.

People got to know the successful author and venture capitalist when she joined the Dragons Den show in 2007.

Dickinson scolded the government on Twitter for the new progressive tax system that’s going to cost small and big business earning more than $150,000 a year.

She’s right, Canada is a place to dream, thousands of entrepreneurs have been created thanks to Dragons Den, not just from investments from the show, but also for those watching.

These new tax changes will make it hard for new start-up companies to have the cash-flow needed to be successful.

Tax season is especially hard in the first two years of small businesses, and that’s where the Trudeau government will hit them hard by taking the extra cash right out of their pocket taking their drive and dreams away.

Arlene Dickinson made the right statement on social media to get the message out, the government has received lots of criticism for the tax change proposal and statements like Dickinson’s could go a long ways.

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Emmy Skylar

About the Author: Emmy Skylar

Emmy Skylar started working for Debate Report in 2017. Emmy grew up in a small town in northern Manitoba. But moved to Ontario for university. Before joining Debate Report, Emmy briefly worked as a freelance journalist for CBC News.  She covers politics and the economy.


  1. Arlene is the type “if you turn your back, she’ll hit you with the vase” kind of women. Look what she did say about her Dragon’s Friend Kevin O’Leary when he put his name in for the Canadian PC leadership. Don’t trust that snake !

  2. Why is the dream always about making so much money and so much more than others? My dream is to live in a country where there is equality and where people do not think they are worth more than someone else. We are a society and should want to best for everyone. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes – if you make beyond a amount it is normal to paye more taxes to help the rest of the society. We are all born equal. So my dream is for people to start being happy with what they have and stop always wanting more. The more you have the less someone else has.
    All the people who think that making more than 150 000$ should give you the right for tax breaks sound really selfish.

    1. The whole point is that they (small business’s) aren’t going to be taxed fairly. Most small business’s don’t make a lot, they make enough to get by. Its not about making more, its about maintaining where you are. If you can’t afford to live, then how can you afford to live in a society where people are treated equally. If you don’t understand this article, maybe you shouldn’t comment. I work hard to supply my family with food and education, with this new tax, I won’t be able to help my children go through secondary education or extra curricular activities because my small business will not exist because its taxed too harshly. I don’t make a lot through my business, but it does supplement our income enough to eat well, and provide a foundation for our kids to chase their dreams. So what you are proposing is that I am money hungry, when in reality I am not. I am doing exactly what you wish for, living the dream and helping my children be able to live theirs. With the new tax, its not possible. Literally Trudeau is taking that away.

    2. Veronik, just how much of that 150k do you think ends up in the business owners pocket? add 500k to that and they still don’t make as much as you think they do. Ever heard of business expenses like employees? taxes? maintenance costs? When taxed more, the owner gets to either lose more of his or her salary or they just won’t hire anybody and stay at the same operating level. Business is a lifestyle and not for everybody. Do you not want more out of your lifestyle or hobby? Or are you content with staying at the beginner level? Trudeau and his people know what they are doing and they don’t care how much it affects small business as long as they have access to the government money trough. If we are talking equality then lets start with with the politicians and cut their salaries and spending.

    3. I agree. Arlene is one of those selfish spoil brat. If they take away a bit from her it still won’t affect her quality of lifestyle.

    4. Veronik GROW UP !!! with that kind of attitude why should anybody want to take risks, invest
      large amount of money on a business, employee lots of people if there going to have no reward
      for there hard work !!!

  3. What this really means is that Arlene has not been paying as much tax as she should, and she wants it to stay that way.

    Folks, NOBODY made it by themselves, and if you have done well, (and yes, I think that 100 million net worth is having done well) then you should pay back some of it… at a higher percentage rate than those who are living hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, and if you think that is unfair, then get the bleep out of Canada and go elsewhere.

  4. Veronik – very small minded of you. If a small business is provided with the right conditions to grow then that small business might be able to employ more people. If they are able to employ more people then that is a net positive in tax generation AND the newly employed member will not be drawing on unemployment benefits (a tax payer cost) and they will have money that they can then contribute back in to the economy helping to grow other business. But hey, let’s discourage growth of business so that we have business contracting as opposed to growing. Let’s force some small business’ to fire an employee or two, leave the country, or shut down entirely. Add more people to the unemployment pile and reduce people with disposable income that can spend money in the local economy. Open your eyes just a little bit and have some perspective. If you’re an employee somewhere maybe you’re going to be the one to lose your job because of these added expenses. Wouldn’t that be the most ironic kick to the groin?

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