Trudeau kills dreams, Arlene Dickinson scolds gov’t for tax changes

Arlene Dickinson has a net worth of around $100 million, she lives in Calgary and has been a role model for many young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the business.

People got to know the successful author and venture capitalist when she joined the Dragons Den show in 2007.

Dickinson scolded the government on Twitter for the new progressive tax system that’s going to cost small and big business earning more than $150,000 a year.

She’s right, Canada is a place to dream, thousands of entrepreneurs have been created thanks to Dragons Den, not just from investments from the show, but also for those watching.

These new tax changes will make it hard for new start-up companies to have the cash-flow needed to be successful.

Tax season is especially hard in the first two years of small businesses, and that’s where the Trudeau government will hit them hard by taking the extra cash right out of their pocket taking their drive and dreams away.

Arlene Dickinson made the right statement on social media to get the message out, the government has received lots of criticism for the tax change proposal and statements like Dickinson’s could go a long ways.


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