Trudeau Hints towards Informal NAFTA Deal at U.N. Meeting

A major United Nations Meeting is about to take place in New York during this week, and many nations are geared to pull forth their agendas.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also looking forward for the meetings to start as well, and he is expected to talk about NAFTA with officials from the United States.

In a media conference that was held recently, Trudeau made it very clear that talks regarding the NAFTA agreement between both the United States and Canada at the UN meeting are ‘very likely.’ With time running by fast, the deadline imposed by the USA almost seems to be near. End of September was the deadline that the USA had earlier set for NAFTA talks to be summed up.

POTUS Donald Trump had previously made a deal with Mexico just last month, and he had excluded Canada.

He has also said that he will impose a tariff of 25 percent on Canadian auto exports. This would badly hurt the Canadian economy, especially the auto sector.

Both the figureheads in the negotiation process, to date, Foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland and Robert Lighthizer, the Trade Representative, would be present in New York during the two days of the conference.

Talking about their presence, Trudeau mentioned, “Certainly the fact that many of our negotiators, many of our teams, will be in New York at the same time (means) it’s very likely that conversations continue in a constructive but less formal way.”

Trudeau is geared up for discussions in the United Nations meeting, and he is also expected to talk about the inclusion of Canada in the Security Council as well. With a lot to do for both Trump and Trudeau, it is to be seen how both of them are able to take out time and run ‘informal’ discussions pertaining to the NAFTA issue.

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