Trudeau Government Threatens and Attacks Alberta workers

The Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau say the Kinder Morgan won’t be built without the federal climate change plan set to go into affect on January 1, 2019.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Alberta is pulling out of the federal climate plan change in response to a federal court ruling that quashed the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Notley said the Trudeau government needs to fix the court decision immediately and apply for a appeal before she will agree to the costly climate change plan.

“We’re not prepared to go any further on this until the federal government figures out how to get this ridiculousness fixed.” She said.

Trudeau’s federal resources minister, MP Amarjeet Sohi threatened Alberta pipeline workers and said their won’t be a pipeline built without their climate plan proposal.

“In order to build a large project such as a pipeline, you need to have a very effective climate action plan and you need to be mindful of your obligations to consult Indigenous peoples,” Sohi told CBC

“Without those, you will not get a pipeline built.”

Kinder Morgan would employ thousands of people for at least two years and bring direct economic relief to small towns along its route.

Workers fill hotels and eat at restaurants every night causing a small but comfortable boost to local municipalities putting money into the pockets of Canadians, but the federal government wants to take it all away.

Albertans are sick of the Trudeau government attacking them, their attacks have already led to thousands of layoffs and caused oil companies to move out of Canada, cut wages and staff.

Justin Trudeau and his government need to realize a attack on Alberta is a Canada.

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Emmy Skylar

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