Trudeau gets booed and laughed at during question period on transparent government promise

It’s now harder to get information on the government than it was during the Harper era.

In the Liberal platform (page 24) the Trudeau government promises to make information easier to “get” for Canadians and a transparent government.

We will make government information more accessible.

Government data and information should be open by default, in formats that are modern and easy to use. We will update the Access to Information Act to meet this standard.

We will make it easier for Canadians to access information by eliminating all fees, except for the initial $5 ling fee.

We will expand the role of the Information Commissioner, giving them the power to issue binding orders for disclosure.

We will ensure that Access to Information applies to the Prime Minister’s and Ministers’ Of ces, as well as administrative institutions that support Parliament and the courts.

To ensure that the system continues to serve Canadians, we will undertake a full legislative review of the Access to Information Act every ve years.

Trudeau gets confronted by Thomas Mulcair in the House of Commons.

A new audit on the increased transparency by the government received a failing grade.

“The Liberal government has a long way to go if it is to deliver on its promises of transparent government,” the audit says.

Instead Trudeau continues to blame someone else, the Harper government.

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